Sunday, March 16, 2008

And here I sit

Nope, I didn't make it to church again today. I'm sitting here typing with one hand, nursing Sean while Danielle is draped across my lap. You'd think that THIS weekend would be the time I could/would get out the door. No kids are sick, the girls are at my sisters, Luke ended up staying at my BIL's, Jake ended up having a friend sleep over and Michelle doesn't have to be at work until 3. Technically all I had to get ready was me, Sean and Danielle...which is EASY! Unfortunately waking up at 7:30 with a splitting headache that hurts more if my eyes are open more then a slit and leaves me trying not to barf turns that easy into almost impossible. I grabbed some ibuprofen (which I hardly ever take) and some coffee and sat in my chair. I tried to check my email but the brightness of the screen hurt. Luckily Tom was awake so we got some time to have a conversation with full sentences. Within the hour everyone else was up. The ibuprofen brought my headache to a dull roar but I still felt nauseated when I moved my head just so. Luckily I don't have to look at the screen to type. :o)

It's amazing how quiet it's been here without the girls. Not that they make all the noise but they are a big factor in it. It's weird how even one person's absence effects how things are around here, take out 4 people and there's a big change. Danielle was heartbroken that she didn't get to go. She got over it quickly after they left. She's been Jake's buddy this weekend and was offended when she wasn't included in their games of trouble and battleship.

I wanted to get so much done around here this weekend. The laundry pile has gotten to almost bearable status and I was hoping to conquer it. Then of course I'd have to go into the bedrooms and the piles would magically grow again. I managed to get the small bathroom picked up a bit. I even washed walls. This led me to want to paint the room. I've had the paint waiting for a while now. I just have to find the paint pads and have some hand's free time. Then there was the kitchen that I was hoping to get to sparkling and organized allowing me to cook/bake things without major effort. Right now my kitchen table is full of folded clean clothes so my workspace is TEENY TINY. One thing I'm short of in here is counter/work space. I wanted to get a bunch of bread baked, tortillas made and a container of cookies wouldn't have been too shabby. Oh well, I'll concentrate on getting this week's menu planned and consider myself ahead of the game. lol

I think I've mentioned it before but I'm writing for the Mega Mom Blog now. I put a new post up on the 13th. I admit I haven't been as active over there as I should have been but I'm getting back into the swing of things in blogland and hope to be more regular over there. This month's topic is spring. Not an easy topic to write about when you're covered in ice and snow. The picture on my post was taken between the ice and snow storm. I couldn't get the beauty of the ice to show up on the pic so became a stark B&W instead. I really wish I'd gotten pictures of things after the snow. I must've said...that's beautiful, it's a winter wonderland and I wish I had a camera, a hundred times in the days after the snow hit.

As some of you may have noticed I started my food blog up again. I'm not sure of it's purpose or direction as of yet. It's mostly boring menus and a place to put my recipes right now. There's a link to it at the top of this blog, labeled Growlies. (slang for munchies or supper)

This week looks to be an "easy" week. There's only 3 days of school and then a 5 day weekend. YIPPEE! I can't believe it's Easter week, I don't have anything bought for baskets yet. I usually only do candy but still it requires time, thought and money...none of which I have much of ATM. We're going to my aunt's house for Easter dinner so I also have to plan and buy something to bring for that. I'm thinking fruit salad right now.

This screen is getting very bright and bothersome. I think it's time for another dose of ibuprofen.

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Anita Ann said...

I feel you laundry and cleaning dilemma. I am pregnant and get big ideas whereas my body revolts. My laundry pile look like it could use some conquering, yet I have no energy. Time to put the kids to work.