Monday, March 31, 2008

They just love to keep me on my toes....

This weekend Carrie and Liz were fooling around when Liz accidentally kicked Carrie's thumb...hyperextending it. Carrie was complaining that her wrist hurt and wasn't using it. I didn't see any swelling or bruising and it looked I said it didn't warrant a trip to the ER. Sunday night she still wasn't using it and would cry whenever she moved it. Then I started feeling guilty and worthy of the "bad mother award". What if she somehow fractured it? I'd had myself convinced I was negligent in making her wait and was going to make a doctor appt as soon as the kids got on the bus.

As Eileen and Olivia were getting ready for school the phone rang. Caller ID put it as the school. I thought they were calling to see why Carrie wasn't there and almost let the answering machine get it while I continued to help the girls get out the door. I started's too early for the school to be calling for absent kids and decided to pick it up. It was the high school nurse letting me know that Liz had passed out in class and hit her head on the way down. She asked me to come pick her up ASAP (knew I had kids to get on the bus still)

So I woke up Carrie and Michelle, got the girls on the bus, threw a jacket and shoes on Danielle and headed to the school. They wheeled Liz to the van door and helped her in. The nurse explained that Liz seemed to be ok...pupils were equal and reactive. BUT she was a bit confused and still shakey so I should probably get her checked out. I assured her I would, that I was already planning on taking Carrie in.

According to Liz they were watching birth videos in Child Psych. She didn't think it was bothering her, she didn't feel emotional about it and had seen a ton of videos on this subject before this. This time though it was a forceps delivery, so I think it probably was that. (Tom almost passed out watching the forceps birth video in our childbirth class) She said she felt dizzy and nauseated and had closed her eyes to keep from throwing up. She thought she'd fallen asleep and taken a nap until she opened her eyes and saw everyone's face over her. She said she was confused about what the date was because she didn't know if it was March 31st or April 1st. lol She admitted though she couldn't remember what her locker number was at first. (nurse had to go get her things for her)

We we got home all Liz wanted to do was take a nap, mean me wouldn't let her. I called the dr's. When they heard why I wanted an appt they moved the appt they were going to give me for Carrie (2:30) up to 10:30 (as soon as I could get there). So I cleaned up the little kids, found outfits for us all and loaded everyone into the van. We dropped Michelle off at school and headed to the dr's. Carrie's wrist was X-rayed and didn't turn up anything. She's out of gym for the week though so she can rest it. Liz they did an EKG, bloodwork, and tested her glucose level....everything was fine except for her white count which was higher then they'd care to see. They decided to do a throat culture (she said her throat hurt on Saturday). The dr said he though the increased count was due to the stress of the morning though. I was given the "what to watch for" talk and we were cleared to go home.

On the way home I had to resist the urge to stop at the store and buy out their supply of bubblewrap.


noelle said...

Some days I'd like to wrap my kids in bubblewrap, too! LOL

I just posted about my 4 yo dd's ear incident and today I go to the dentist for the 6 yo's tooth.

I feel like it never ends with 6. What am I complaining to you for?! :~)

Anonymous said...

Your days certainly aren't boring! I hope the children are all ok and today is a better day for you all.