Friday, October 31, 2008

Today's one of those days where

the work picks you... you don't pick the work. There's no...I think I'll.... or maybe I'll.... It's all you are GOING to do A, B, C and then ifs, ands or buts about it. Sometimes I think days like this are easier since my indecision and lack of focus can be a burden.

Luke and Liz are going up to Ottawa with a bunch of church kids. They came home from the youth meeting last night and told me! LOL (thanks for letting me know) There's a work party up there and they want to be a part of it. It's awesome that our church allows the youth so much opportunity to travel and meet other people! I don't know too many other churches that can say that. Liz got notice that her tickets have been bought for her trip to the southwest in February. She's SO exicted! She's been dying to visit V and L since they moved away from here. Then there's her plan to go to Norway to work and learn on what they call the "A" team after graduation. Hopefully she'll be accepted. If she is she'll be gone either 6mos or a year. What a scary not be around family for such a long time. Out of all my kids Liz is NOT the one I envisioned embracing this type of adventure. She was one of my most shy kids when she was little. Someone saying Hi sent her sliding under the table to hide. She didn't feel comfy answering and talking on the phone until a year ago or so. She still doesn't jump to be the one to answer it.

Anyways, because they are leaving this afternoon I had to gather up all the important documents for their border crossing. I also agreed to throw in their bedding since they wouldn't have time to do it once they came home from school. That's all done and hanging on the line with a load of jackets and costumes washing now.

Yeah, costumes. We finally ironed out what the girls were going to be at school. Olivia decided to be a black cat. She wore black loafers with black leggings with Carrie's black halter dress. She also added a pink shrug over it for modesty's sake. We made paper ears and colored them black then taped them onto a black and white headband. Carrie let her take her eyeliner pencil so she can draw an upside down triangle on her nose and 3 whiskers on each cheek. (she didn't do it, said there wasn't enough time to put the makeup on in school) There was discussion about her lack of a tail but it was decided that she looked catty enough without it so we didn't bother.

Eileen was a bit more difficult only because she didn't really have time to figure things out and get things together. She's missed so much school that she had a bunch of things that needed to be done so she could catchup. WAY past their bedtime I finally forced them to go to bed with a promise to Eileen we'd work on it in the morning. As she went to bed she said...I'll just be a mom. So that's what she is. She's wearing whatever she wore to school today and brought along a lifesize baby doll and a cell phone. lol I initially tried to talk her into bringing the doll stroller to push. She tried to say she'd bring the umbrella stroller. When I said no because it was too big she tried out the doll stroller. We all laughed and agreed she looked ridiculous all hunched down holding the handles.

I have to go pick up Michelle at 3:45, run to grab a few things and hope to be back before the kids leave for Ottawa and in time to get everyone dressed up and ready to go out the door. We've decided since we only have the car we'll have to stick with the traveling to far off galaxies.

Time to go get the clothes out of the washer.

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