Thursday, April 30, 2009

The big question is.....

Will Val go through with it? Val keeps getting told she should model, she should try out for America's Next Top Model. She tells them, I'd like to but one of the requirements is that you are over 5'7". She's 5' 5.5" if she tries hard. The new casting call came out for Cycle 13 and with it was a new have to be UNDER 5'7". Everyone thought Val would be chomping at the bit to try out. There was open call in Albany a few days after she found out about was too soon for her to be ready. So then there was talk about going to the New York City calls a few weeks later. She decided she'd miss the No Doubt Concert (her all time favorite band, with Gwen Stefani being her favorite person in the world) and she didn't want that to happen. She reasoned if the concert was more important than trying out for the show, then she didn't want it bad enough and shouldn't try out. I can understand that so told everyone to leave her alone. And they did. Until...TODAY!

Pat works at a kiosk in a huge mall around here. He called here looking for Val. Val was at Janna's getting her pink highlights put in for the No Doubt concert which is Sunday. (they're leaving for NYC tomorrow) I told him where she was and to call Michelle who was with her. The girls walked in the door way before I thought they would. I asked if Pat got ahold of them and they said yeah, he wanted Val to come down to the mall.....America's Next Top Model was having a casting call there today until 6pm. Val said she couldn't go there with PINK hair (it frames her face). Michelle said it would be fine. Pat called a few more times. They called Drew who was on his way home from work....will you take us to the mall and explained why. Drew said SURE! I want her to do it! Val put on her makeup and changed her clothes, printed out the application and off they went. I'm wondering if she'll go through with it. I'm hoping if she does that she's mature and acts like a lady if they give her any criticism. I'm wishing I was a fly on the wall. It's killing me not knowing what's going on!!!


SHIMI said...

nice to be here

Dot said...

Well................. Did she do it? How did it go?

Good Luck to her!!!!