Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

My supposed lazy day has been interesting. I was playing with my yarn winder when I got a phone call from a friend. It seems there was a miscommunication and the person I thought was going to drive Liz and Stine to Newark tomorrow doesn't have the room for them. Luckily I found out today and not tonight or tomorrow morning! So it looks like I'll be driving to Newark and back tomorrow. I'm not sure who, if anyone will be riding with me. I guess I'll have to reborrow my bestfriend....Allison's GPS lol.

Shortly after getting off the phone I was called to the bathroom to assist Danielle. After taking care of her I reached across the toilet to flush it. Midflush my reading glasses slipped off my face and landed in the bowl....stopping it up immediately. I had no choice but to fish them out...yay me! Luckily they aren't the pair I wear on a regular basis.

Everytime I get a new camera I swear no one is going to use it but me! I thought this camera would be THE camera since quite a few kids also received cameras or camcorders that can take still photos also. I didn't even get to say that no one was to touch my camera! While I was busy crocheting my mom's bookmark on Christmas morning my camera sat near the tv....or so I thought. Then I noticed that photos were on my camera....

Not sure how I missed the sneaky photographer since they took MY picture...

Liz showing off her new 80G zune (refurbished)...

Stine, our Norwegian visitor (Liz's roommate)

Luke and Jake playing their new Xbox game in their room. The Xbox was moved up there for Christmas Eve night. It has since been moved back into the livingroom where it belongs. Now maybe mom can get a turn at it. ;o)

We're just finishing up a very nice night. All the kids were here. I threw a turkey in the oven, sauteed some zucchini, yellow squash, green peppers, onions and baby corn...most of it from our garden. Pat made garlic mashed potatoes with a hint of cheese. He also made the gravy. Michelle broke out her container of cream puffs and one of Val's friends brought over a cheese cake for us to enjoy. Liz has finished packing although there are a few things she'd LIKE to pick up before hitting the road. We're picking Stine up at Della's house around us 6 hours to get there so they can checkin for their 6pm flight. As of right now I may be driving them by myself. Pat and Alex talked about taking them but then I found out Pat's back has been bothering him. I certainly don't need him hurting it more and missing work on Monday. Tom doesn't want to go. I'm hoping he'll decide it's best to go and come with me anyways.

And we did manage to get a family picture!!! Wouldn't you know, I'm the one who's not looking at the camera. Sean was about to cry because I wouldn't let him put his hand down my shirt. So I was trying to placate him.

Click on it to view it larger in another window.
Left to right...Top row...Pat, Tom, Luke, Michelle, Drew
Middle row...Sean, Me, Liz, Danielle, Val, Jake
Bottom row....Eileen, Olivia, Carrie


noelle said...

what a great picture!!! I dread trying to get a picture of my family and I only have 6 kids.

Denise said...

Great family picture!!! Have a safe trip to the airport & least whoever used your camera took some nice pictures with it for you.

*Lisss said...

Wow what a great family picture! the girl in the middle holding the little girl is gorgeous by the way. ;)