Thursday, December 31, 2009

Oh my goodness!!!

When I said in the last post that the night would be busy all night...I didn't suspect just how busy we'd be! Our stall was in a prime spot...just above where the wrestlers came into the arena. We opened at 5:30 and didn't stop until we closed up at 9:30. The lines were huge. I think we'd still be serving people if they hadn't decided to go back to the matches instead of waiting in line for food.

We ran out of ice twice. We went into intermission without popcorn (after 2 additional deliveries) or jumbo pretzels. Our supervisor and the beer pouring supervisor (beer station was at the end of our stall) ended up making 10 additional pizzas which were quickly snatched up. We had to ask for 2 additional deliveries of the WWE souvenir cups and sold every last one. I have NO idea why anyone would pay $6.50 for a 32oz cup of soft drink but most people didn't blink an eye at it. (btw...that's $2 more then the dome charges for their souvenir cups). Needless to say the Pepsi guy had to make an extra delivery too.

The thing is...we did great! At the end of the night I said....If this doesn't prove to the Dome that we can handle our own stand, nothing will. (now if only a stand would open up for us!) Other than trying to keep the stand from running out of things, our supervisor didn't have to step in too much. Yes, at first I missed checking the candy racks...they were sorely depleted and needed a refill. But it didn't happen again. In my defense, we'd never had so much candy sell so fast. Then again we never had anything sell so much. lol I think even the Dome was surprised at how much was purchased. (It's the first time they'd had a professional wrestling show there).

And then I went to church for our New Year's feast and had a great time. We had lots of good snacks throughout the night....

The kids jumped until they were red in the face in the bouncy house...

They played games (this was a scavenger hunt....the girls against the boys....camille and sean were playing their own game lol)

We saw a transmission from Norway and heard lots of encouragement for the upcoming year.

Sean liked playing with Jon's cars and motorcycle

Olivia thinks the best part about the whole thing is to hang out with her best friends/cousins

Olivia and Evenlyn

We pulled into the driveway shortly after 1am. I put the kids to bed and then sat up with my older kids talking and watching movies. It was after 4:30 before Tom and I climbed into bed. Sean was so overtired that after an initial deep sleep he slept really lightly...therefore so did mom. I think it was about 9 when I finally gave up and got up for the day.

My parents were talking about coming out today but my mom didn't feel well so they put it off until tomorrow afternoon. They'll come out after I get back from beer pouring at the Dome (have to be out the door by 8:30am tomorrow). It's probably a good thing because Sean decided today would be a good day to cry all day. My body decided it didn't want to move too fast and for some reason my knee is killing me. (which makes me really thankful tomorrow morning isn't a concession day!!)

My brain decided it just couldn't accept Allison's GPS cover like it was and that I needed to redo the whole thing. So I did, with completely different yarn. It's too dark in here for me to take pictures right now but I'm a lot happier with the 2nd attempt. Hopefully tomorrow or Sunday I can get some photos taken and put up. I still need to make 3 pair of hand/wrist warmers for Christmas presents. I also started digging out my squares for my version of the Midnight Brites Afghan I started in June or July.

With the kids being off of school all week and being at church yesterday, I'm all messed up day wise. I have to keep reminding myself it's FRIDAY! And a new year! Happy 2010! My next post might be about something crazy my kids did today. Have to wait to get to the pictures on the other computer.

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