Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's going to be a busy year!

Continuation of my last post...

Liz cut back on things she did on Wednesday. Both to rest her knee and to allow her to go pick up her new glasses. We dropped Michelle off at work, ran in and grabbed some food, picked up Liz's glasses and then hit the dollar store before heading home. I was now officially done with my Christmas shopping!!! With everyone helping we managed to wrap almost everything before leaving for BIL's house at 5 on Thursday (I had 3 things to do Thurs night). I was still working on some crochet and much to my chagrin there is not a single yarn needle to be found weaving in ends and doing the final finishing of projects is impossible. I'm sure I'll find about 20 of them now that Christmas is over. I took one of my projects with me to BIL's house and finished it up shortly after getting there.

Sitting on the livingroom floor crocheting and observing, I couldn't help but feel the void that's been left by Billy and my inlaws' passing. I just couldn't bring myself to buy pistachios this season, even with the kids begging me. They were one of the things I always got for Billy. I know it's silly and if I'd just gotten through that one thought/feeling, it might even have been enjoy something we know Billy really liked. Kinda like how I feel a connection to my MIL when I'm crocheting. Maybe I'll add it to next payday's grocery list. :o)

When Drew and Allison got to BIL's they announced their news...They're going to have a baby!!! I can finally freely talk about the other surprise now! Woohooo! In July, I'm going to be a GRANDMA!!!! They're planning on a late spring/early summer wedding. I tried to talk them into having the ceremony last week but they didn't believe me when I said I could throw a wedding together in 2 wks. It would've been a bit hard to explain to Allison's mom why she was getting married so quickly without spoiling her Christmas surprise, besides Allison wants an outdoor wedding.

We left BIL's at 9. Our Norwegian visitor Stine went to Della's house for a while. Drew and Allison wrapped up a few things at home and then got here with a few friends that stayed until almost midnight. The rest of the kids stuck around for a bit, had a snack then went to upstairs...boys in one room, girls in another. It was decided that everyone could get up at 6am.

Pat and Alex missed out on BIL's house because they had to work until 11pm. They left work, went home, cleaned up and opened their presents to each other before coming to our house at 1:30am. Tom and I were putting presents under the tree and finishing up stockings when they walked in. They had a surprise for us that engagement ring! They are thinking of a late November, early December wedding. I finally forced myself to stop talking and get into bed about 2:30.

Unfortunately my slumber didn't last long...Sean woke up and wanted me, then Danielle woke up and came in, finally Carrie came in crying....her left side hurt. If it'd been on her right side I think we'd have ended up in the Emergency Room. As it was I had her take some tylenol and climb into bed with me. She stayed until the pain subsided a bit and then went back upstairs. She never felt sick, just in pain. It hit her on and off all day Christmas. Before Christmas night ended Tom and I would understand how she felt since it hit us too. I'm assuming it's a weird virus. My back still feels like I hurt something on the left side. Luckily today is a "lazy" day. Mostly spending time with the kids and getting Liz packed to head back to Norway tomorrow. Right now she's at my sister's house with Carrie, Eileen and Olivia. Pat will bring them home this afternoon. I have a turkey in the oven and mozzarella sticks and poppers in the freezer waiting to be cooked. I think we'll have to make one last run to Walmart for her.

In the future this place should be a lot prettier...Michelle bought me a camera for Christmas! I can't use it too much right now because it's an Olympus and takes an xd memory card which I don't have (only have SD cards). My mom and dad bought me a new skirt (been wearing the one they bought me last year almost non stop), 3 new shirts, an electric yarn winder and a cool quilted wall hanging that you insert pictures into. I also received a flexible keyboard, a $25 restaurant gift card, and a $25 gift card to AC Moore which I'm sure will turn into yarn pretty quickly. Afterall, I now have baby blankets and wedding afghans to make. lol I might even attempt a sweater or romper for the baby (never did clothing before). My sister bought us an ice shaver, 200 sno cone cups and 2 lg bottles of flavoring....even though we said we weren't going to buy anything for each other.

Everyone was pretty exhausted by evening. We headed home about 9pm and all of us went directly to bed!!


Thia said...

Many congratulations to the growing family! How very exciting.

Denise said...

Sounds like a perfect Christmas! Congratulations on all your exciting news!!!

noelle said...

WOW!!! Two weddings and a new baby. What a great Christmas.