Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I like mornings like this

I haven't been sleeping well lately...there's too much to think about and do. Today I managed to be up and going around 5am. It's so serene well except the dog who wanted attention, then to be let out and of course he has to come in and then eat. I immediately went into the basement and threw in a load of laundry and folded 2.5 loads that someone didn't bother to do when they took them out of the dryer. grrrrr I then grabbed some boxes of presents and started wrapping. I put a pretty good dent into them. If I can do the same thing tomorrow, it should all be done. Of course even better would be that the big girls finish it up today.

On a boooo note I woke up this morning to see that the dog undid all the work I'd done on my mom's Christmas present. I fell asleep crocheting on the couch so when I went to bed I just set it aside and off I went. This morning there was a trail of thread all over. Luckily it was a small thing and I can quickly make it back up. But still, it's just something more to do.

And now it's Wednesday morning. While yesterday was busy, the productivity of it dropped compared to the early morning hours. I did manage to do some cleanup that I wasn't planning on doing until Wed night or Thursday day. It's looking pretty decent in here although laundry is up to my eyeballs again. Michelle and Val managed to do a fair bit of wrapping for me. Unfortunately I stayed up until 3am last night so no early morning wrapping session to finish things up. Hopefully I can do it tonight after everyone goes to bed.

Tom's pay did get deposited a day early! So Drew, Liz and Stine went with me and we hit the stores. We were out until after midnight but I managed to finish most of my shopping. After dropping Michelle off at work I'll run into her store and get a few things for Christmas Eve at BIL's house. Then a quick trip through the dollar store and maybe a drug store stop and I should be done enough (I know I can have a tendency to never feel like I have enough). I feel bad dragging the girls around shopping all night. I mean they're here for such a short time....and to spend it in the store. But Stine said she had a lot of fun and got a lot of things she needed. She also said that once she's home she won't be going shopping for quite a while. She quickly became spoiled by America's "cheap" prices. Things are quite expensive in Norway but then again their incomes are pretty decent too. One a bad note though...by the time we were almost done at Walmart last night (last stop), Liz's knee was bothering her a good amount. I'm just hoping she didn't undo all the help the brace did. She has a pretty full calendar planned for today with a visit to 3 different families for lunch, dinner and then hot tubbing.

This has sat as a draft until today. So posting this partial post so I can update on how our Christmas was.

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