Sunday, December 06, 2009

Still sick.....

Sean was still feverish this morning so going to the meeting in the morning was out of the question. I didn't mind since neither one of us slept soundly last night. Sean nursed literally all night long. Everytime I'd try to unlatch him, he'd wake up whining...nursie! To say I was a bit sore is an understatement. We decided to get out of bed about 7ish. There wasn't much to do since some kids had been up really late watching movies and were sleeping on the couch. After about an hour or so I decided to take Sean back to bed and dozed on and off. I finally was up for the day at 10:15. I can't remember the last time I stayed in bed that late before. Wish I could say I enjoyed or liked it, but neither is true. I felt like garbage when I got out of bed, was still sore from Sean nursing and the whole day was almost gone. Missing out on the meeting means I didn't hear how the bazaar went yesterday. It also means I have no idea what of mine sold and what I have left to do something with.

Sean seems to be feeling a bit more energetic although still warm. If he's feverish tomorrow I may take him in to be seen. It also depends on what John (Val's boyfriend) finds out from the tests he had done last week (if they do say anything at all) His dr mentioned mono and strep when he examined him.

Monday night now (will I ever finish a post in one sitting?) We had a much better night. Sean actually slept without being attached to me for short spurts. He doesn't seem to be feverish anymore. I had Luke, Carrie and Eileen home today. Eileen is still feeling pretty punky.

We did a major cleaning job around here and the place is looking nice. The kids insisted we get the tree from the basement and set it up. I just wanted to vegitate with my crocheting but decided I'd rather work then listen to them. lol We got as far as putting the inside white lights on it and putting on the branches before bed last night. This afternoon Luke finished putting the colored lights on it and the girls started hanging decorations while I made dinner. They're finishing up as I type, although I think we need some ornament hooks or substitute.

I have so much I want to do before Christmas...baking, crocheting, shopping and cleaning. Right now I'm in the middle of chopping down Mount Washme. Hopefully by tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest I'll have it tamed to a little anthill. I have to get into my closet and figure out exactly what is for who and what I have left to buy. I'm going to try and get a bunch of it done online with the help of billmelater (I LOVE that option!) Then catch up with it with tax return money. Otherwise there won't be any Christmas here.

I kills me. Tom is making more then he ever has and we should be sitting pretty...yet things are tight...REALLY tight. I think we've decided to skip redoing the mortgage. It's too much work to get it ready for an appraisal and we really don't want to prolong the mortgage any further then we have to. I need to make a phone call to the credit union and see if we can redo our home equity loan instead.

There's been talk of adding on again. It's always been a plan to build off the back, putting in a great room and dining area. That would make my present kitchen/dining area all kitchen. Or allow us to turn our living room into an L shaped room. We have enough equity that we could do it...I'm not holding my breath that we will do it though. My other brilliant idea is to build a big 2 car garage with a wide open upstairs on it. We'd have a bathroom up there along with a galley kitchen. The garage would be heated so the kids could play in there while we hang out upstairs. We could even put a deck on it (lol I'm still waiting for my back deck which was suppose to be built when we built this place in '89/90...Tom figures it's foolish to put it on if we're just going to replace it with an addition in the future).

Michelle is working holiday hours which means until 10pm most nights. Makes for a long day but the good thing is she hasn't worked a Friday or Saturday in months! Today was the first time I've driven with snow on the ground in a loooong time. Let me just say...I am NOT ready for this!!! I do NOT NOT NOT want to drive in this garbage! At least I lucked out and the snow disappeared as I got closer to home (which is the opposite of how it usually is)

Patrick had a birthday on the 1st. He turned 24 and according to getting old. Problem is, he was saying this to his GRANDMA! Sorry bud, wrong person to complain about getting old to. Needless to say he didn't garner much sympathy from anyone. We didn't do anything for his birthday since he had to work, just one of the downfalls of getting old. He's working at University hospital, setting up ORs or OR equiment...something of that sort. Right now he's working through a temp agency so no benefits. Rumor has it that he may be bidding on a job on the psych ward which will then make him a permanent employee and bring about benefits (it's a state job). Woohooo! Bad mommy me keeps wondering when something is going to come along and mess things up for him. Seems he's always gaining a foot up just to have it get knocked back down. I really do have hope that this is it for him. He seems to enjoy his job. He's a tough one to judge emotionally. He doesn't let too much out or in.

Well it's getting late and I have to get the kids ready for bed before I hit the road again and pick up Michelle. So I'll end things for now. Don't want this to go onto a third day.


Thia said...

It is at least fun to think of all the changes/additions you can do! Hope Sean is feeling better today, and everyone else too.

Lisa said...

We're having the same tight time here. Phil's job is good but we can't seem to get ahead. We're living far from high so I don't get it.