Saturday, December 05, 2009

The week on hold

I've been putting everything extra on hold until today. There was bazaar stuff to get done and it was pretty much all I could handle on top of the basic regular everyday stuff. I'm sure the kids were sick of hearing...after Saturday. But they survived. Sean decided he was too important to be put on hold though and decided to get sick again. He'd had a cold all week but yesterday started burning up. When he's feeling like that he doesn't allow me to do anything without a huge meltdown. I did manage to crochet a few more hats through his protests. Well one hat, the other is sitting here needing about a dozen more stitches in it. I also have three quarters of an angel ornament sitting here in pieces. I never waxed the gingerbread ornaments so they were sent out naked. Oh and I only made up two candy bouquet mugs since the second package of skewers was misplaced and I didn't have time to find them before Sean woke up last night. He's still feverish today and although we've been up since 6am, I never finished labeling and pricing things until 10:30 (bazaar started at 10). So things got there an hour late. Considering how things were going this morning though I'm just glad they got there at all. It's a small school bazaar in a lower income area so I'm not expecting much of my crochet stuff to get sold. There's always hope though. Whatever doesn't get sold will be used for Christmas presents and might go up on Ebay or in the Etsy shop we'll be opening soon. I haven't decided yet. I certainly could use them and anything else I can make in the next 3 weeks and still not have enough for Christmas. I REALLY wanted to take pictures of what I sent over but it's kind of impossible without a camera and Michelle's not here with her's. :o(

It's hard not being at the bazaar....seeing and talking with the people, looking at all the other cool stuff people are selling, hanging out with the girls for the day. But there wasn't enough room for me to be there. I guess with Sean being sick I'd have to consider it a good thing. Otherwise my pity party would be a super pity party and I'd melt into tears. Besides, Tom's on call this week so sticking home is a good thing...right? Yeah, whatever.

So on the agenda now is to get the living room and kitchen in order and rearranged so we can bring the tree up from the basement and start decorating it. I also have a ton of laundry to do. Then hopefully I can work in my room.

There's some exciting things happening here but I can't share anything for a while since I don't know who reads here. After Christmas I can share for sure. I just hope I can keep it all under wrap until then. Eeeeeeeek!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry Sean is sick. Good job on getting all of your stuff to the sale. And I am excited to hear what your good news is.