Saturday, January 09, 2010

Can I REALLY stay home?

Michelle has been having Fridays and Saturdays off for a while. Thing is, there's usually something that needs to be done or is going on those days. So for me to be able to say that I'm really staying home and not getting in the car is rare and it's happening today! Although (and there usually is one in there isn't there) my parents are coming here. They originally planned to visit last Saturday after I got home from beer pouring but the weather was too bad. And I told them to stay home again last Sunday because it was still bad out here (not so much at their house).

One of the good things about having visitors is that it gets the kids motivated to help without too much screaming on my part. My original plan was to tear apart my kitchen, cupboards and all, and put it back together again all spic and span. Instead I found a few tiny, no notice jobs that had been bugging me to tackle. I did get in the kitchen and did make a dent in things, I just didn't accomplish what I'd originally planned. We'll see if things get done this morning, but I doubt it. I told my mom I'd have my great aunt's present finished for her to take home. So I'll have to work on that sometime this morning. It's only a half an hour or so job, but still it's time I need to keep free before they get here.

I haven't crocheted much lately. I still have 3 hand/wrist warmers to finish that I owe my nieces for Christmas and I think it's putting a kibosh on me doing anything else. I'd really like to start an afghan for one of the boys wedding gifts or my new grandbaby coming. EEEEEE!!!!! In a perfect world, I'd etch out some time everyday to work on my crafts, but this isn't the perfect world and I know myself...not going to happen. My first inclination was to join a few crochet alongs at crochetville so I'd have a motivator or someplace to keep me accountable. But again, I know myself and decided not to put that pressure on me. I really do want to keep crocheting something I enjoy and not something I HAVE to do. I'm hoping to get pictures of some things up soon.

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