Saturday, January 16, 2010

New day ahead

Ahhh Saturday morning. I was up at 4am (been doing some funky sleeping thing lately) and realized...I don't need to get up in the morning!! But I was up by 6:30 with Sean following right behind me. Oh well.

Sean didn't last too long with his undies on. The good thing is that he didn't soak himself, only a little dampness. Still he didn't balk at putting a diaper back on. Am I lazy? Probably. But I think they train easier and faster if they REALLY want to be out of diapers themselves. He's just not there yet. Doesn't mean we don't encourage him though.

I was busy all day yesterday but didn't get nearly as much done as I'd hoped. Of course I was expecting that but still it's a bummer. Mainly we got some laundry done and worked in the kitchen. I did do 5 rounds of the test hat (it's being done in blue/denim, not brown) and 7 rows of one of Emily's handwarmers. Amanda was here last night and decided she wants her's in black. I should probably work on those during the day since black is so hard to see in bad lighting.

My sister brought Emily over last night and the little ones have been having a ball ever since. They've darkened their room and have a strobe light going like crazy up there right now. They're planning on going out and enjoying the above freezing tempeatures today. Tomorrow it's suppose to hit 40 woohooo!

I forgot the kids and Tom have Monday off! The school nurse reminded me when she called to see why Luke and Jake were out yesterday. Thursday the girls were home, Friday it was the boys turn. I think everyone is on the upswing now. So next week should be a good attendance week.

What's on the agenda for today? I'm chomping at the bit to go out to the van and bring in my Salvation Army purchases. I want to photograph them in natural light and put them up in my ravelry stash section. Problem is, I know if I bring them in, I'll want to start tearing them apart. I HAVE to get the other things finished first! (hat and 3 sets of handwarmers) So I'll probably work on those instead. I guess on the top of the list I should have...TAKE DOWN THE CHRISTMAS TREE! Especially since I have lots of helpers here today. It would free up some badly needed room in here but then again it'll seem empty. And we can't forget...laundry, cooking, dishes and such. Maybe after breakfast (Eileen and Olivia are making bacon and eggs to order for everyone right now) we'll do a quick but major Saturday morning cleanup.

LOL Eileen just announced it smells like camping. Funny how certain smells can do that. Now that I think about it, we rarely do have bacon and it's usually when we're camping when we do. I WANT TO GO CAMPING!!!! But I'm off to go do something not as fun instead. Have a great day.

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