Thursday, January 21, 2010

We had a nice 3 day weekend.

Nothing pressing was on the agenda which is a rare thing. Drew and Allison came over, picked up Sean and Danielle and took them to Chuck E Cheese. Drew didn't want to take Sean because all he had to wear on his feet were princess lightup sneaks and it was just wrong. You hardly even noticed what design was on the side of the shoes! Well he took him but he brought him home with royal blue mud boots on instead. LOL Guess they stopped at Walmart before they went to CEC. Thanks Drew (or should I say Allison), Sean loves his new boots! And they're so easy to get on and off for him. I can see him getting a lot of use out of them this spring and summer. The kids had a blast at Chuck E Cheese. Sean is still talking about it and wants to go back. Olivia asked if maybe they could go for her birthday. It's the only time they kids have gone before...when Della and I took them there for "Olivia's Birthday" on Val's birthday (the 9th). I really want to do something special for Olivia's birthday but Chuck E Cheese wasn't on my idea list. Maybe if she really wants to go, we will.

My sister's youngest, Emily was here for the weekend. I managed to get her handwarmers done I owed her for Christmas. I also made up one of Amanda's. I was hoping to get those done and off my todo list too. Unfortunately they're black which is very hard to work with in poor lighting and the lighting stinks in this house once the sun goes down. Emily left early in the day so I didn't have time to get the second one done before she left. So what do I do? I put if off and started something else. *heavy sigh* I don't get why I just don't get them done so I can stop thinking about them! But no! That'd be too easy.

In my early morning awake time (mentioned my funky sleep thing in an earlier post) I started thinking about Liz....and feeling guilty. I haven't really talked to her since she left. We've chatted a few short times on facebook but nothing too much. I miss her yet it must seem like I don't care. :o( The last time I talked to her she mentioned going to England for the summer. That means she won't make it to Drew's wedding. I told her it was ok if she was ok with it. He'll get over it and we can really let her "be there" with Skype. I can just carry her around on a laptop. lol She didn't think that was really funny...but then again none of my kids think what I say or do is.

Drew's wedding.... I asked Allison the other night if they had anything done for it besides pick the date...June 6th, their anniversary. I asked her if we were waiting until the 4th to make the plans. Again, I wasn't funny. Oh well. I don't mind doing things on the spur of the moment but I'd at least like to have time to get things in order around here if this is where the wedding will be. Guess I should plan on having company over here anyways and just doing what needs to be done.

On the other end of the spectrum we have Alex and Pat's wedding. He called me a two weeks ago to let me know that Alex bought her wedding dress. Also they were figuring out the guest list and needed addresses from me. I asked if they even had a date picked yet and they do....Nov 13th.

Then at the end of this summer Val's best friend Janna is getting married. Danielle is her flower girl and I have to buy her this dress...

I like the dress and it's something she can wear again so that's always a plus. The problem is figuring out how much she's going to grow in the next 6+ months. Do I go up one size and hope she doesn't go through a major growth spurt? Or two sizes and have it altered closer to the date? I think right now her dimensions figure out to be a size 2! I'm hoping to get this checked off my todo list within the next few weeks...waiting for our income tax return check. (story of my life)

On the grandbaby front. I bought my first thing for it. It's a cream colored christmas dress, size 3-6mos. And to be on the safe side I bought a santa suit outfit although it's a 6-9mo size. It was that or 0-3mos. I know I have a smaller one around here if it's a boy and that suit is really really too big on him. I also started crocheting a baby afghan on Tuesday. It's out of the new book I bought with my gift card last week. It's all white with a mint green ruffle and ribbon accent. I'm not sure if I'll stick with the mint green or wait to see if Allison finds out the sex and then do the ruffle. I'll probably just do the mint and then do a gender specific one later. I figure it takes me 10mins a row, the body is 73 about 13 hours in the making. I'd like to work on it an hour a day but life isn't always that accommodating.

Take yesterday for example. While looking through a charity crochet project site, my computer got a virus. It took me ALL afternoon (and a bunch of hair pulling) to get rid of it! So if anyone gets an email from me...DON'T OPEN IT! I think I got it pretty quickly and my internet provider does a pretty good job of filtering outgoing mail, but still...just be warned. I have NOT sent mail in the last few days. Needless to say I updated my security a bit while I was at it. Unfotunately it's making this computer run as slow as molasses in February.

Sean announced he had to pee first thing this morning. So he did and I put his superman undies on him afterwards. He lasted lasted about 2hrs before he came to me and announced he peed. He was barely samp and I had him use the toilet quickly, which he did. He refused to put undies on again he's in a diaper. (and as I typed that, it was announced that he was a diaper change later....not ready yet). Now they are sitting on the couch with the electric babysitter (tv and netflix). As the morning goes on I'm finding out I'm losing the battle against a major headache. So much so that I think I'm going to have to end my computer time (couldn't even think of how to spell computer for a second...what did we do without spell check before?) So I'm off to grab some Ibuprofen. I see Della tagged me with the Honest Scrap award yesterday. I'll try to get something for that up before the weekend.


16 blessings'mom said...

Ha, Kim, I think you're funny! I don't know what is wrong with these kids, thinking their mothers aren't funny....

Innocent Observer said...

I have a bunch of Chuck E Cheese coupons...if you or Della want some, just let me know. They expire on 2/20.

my word verification word is potylve...I see Potty Love! haha Very fitting!

Thia said...

I think you're funny too. And the kids are really funny about how they approach wedding planning.

Kristin said...

Hi Kim -- I saw you on "Mega Families." I got on there, but I'm not sure how, LOL.

Nice to see you again -- your kids are getting big and look great!

Anonymous said...
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