Thursday, January 14, 2010

A rare treat

Michelle got home from work Tuesday night and asked if I wanted to go to Pizza Hut for dinner the next day...her treat. I was confused because I couldn't figure out why she'd treat us to pizza when she was working. It took a few minutes for her to realize my confusion and set me straight...she was working 8:45am to 4pm....doh! Val wasn't home so that meant I had to take Danielle and Sean with me...brrrr. It didn't hit me until early the next morning that the timeframe also made it impossible for me to get Olivia to school on time. Luckily a quick call to Della and I had the solution...I dropped Olivia off at her house and she caught the bus with Della's kids. Sean was so excited to be going bye-bye. It's been so cold out and with the van not having any heat...I've kept my passengers to a minimum. Danielle and Sean haven't been in the van since the New's Year Feast.

Tom's not feeling so great now. He came home early, took some cold medicine and went to bed. He really wanted to go to Pizza Hut with us but decided it was best for everyone to stay home. So I took all 9 of the kids who live here and Val's friend Brittany to Pizza Hut. Sean was so excited....his feet were going a mile a minute and he was dancing in his carseat all the way there. I'm not sure what he thought it was going to be like but he seemed to have enough fun. Stupid me, I forgot my camera. There was some awesome photo ops too. (I'm consoling myself with the fact that even if I took pictures, they'd still be on the camera since I still can't find my usb cord and don't have a memory card)

The kids were angels! I knew when we walked in there were people who were rolling their eyes and holding their breath...including an older couple. By the time the couple left Sean had won over the husband. They were making googly eyes at each other. lol On the way out the door the wife said...."I just need to say that your children are SO well behaved! You've done a great job!"....made my night. Luckily they left when they did because it wasn't too long after that that Sean decided to yell out for no reason...BUTTCRACK! Of course most of the kids tried not to giggle at him but it was near impossible...he thought he was hilarious and had to keep doing it. We finally distracted him by getting him to start saying Candy Cane.

The pizza was delicious! We hardly ever have Pizza Hut pizza so it was extra special. The kids ordered everything themselves...I just sat there and enjoyed it. We had Hawaiian stuffed crust, Veggie stuffed crust, Buffalo chicken pan and pepperoni, bacon and ham pan pizza. Danielle was a little piggie and ate 3 half pieces. Sean finished off the half piece of meat pizza and dug into the Hawaiian. First bite was followed by a yummm, second bite got another yummm. He then held up the half eaten piece and proclaimed to everyone....Dis is wilwee good! No one argued with him about that. Danielle put a little damper on the night when she threw a fit going out the door and to the van. Seems she wanted to buy a necklace from a bubble gum machine but all she got was someone carrying her screaming self out to the parking lot.

Thia, don't be amazed at the time I find to crochet. I don't find it, I steal it...from cleaning, cooking, reading, computer and to a point my kids. I am a bit more accessible to the kids when I'm crocheting then when I'm doing other things. But still I can become distracted when I'm deep into a project. Usually there's something suffering...most likely it's the house. So to me it's a pretty selfish thing right now. One problem I'm finding is that I HAVE to do the unraveling during the day or I can't see the stitches I need to deconstruct the sweater properly. So that's my excuse ATM.

A really neat thing is that some of my kids are interested in learning. Olivia can already do a pretty mean chain. I think she's a little intimidated to go onto anything more. So she'll chain a houselong chain and then rips it out, just to start again later. Both her and Eileen have been helping hank up the unraveled yarn at times. Jake is usually right there, talking about what I'm doing. It'd be really neat if he decided to join in. And if Sean gets a ball of yarn and a hook...watchout!..His hands move lightning fast. lol

I worked on unraveling some more sweaters. I decided to pick up the magenta cotton again. Once I started it, it was done in no time. I was thinking it might make a cute dress for Danielle. I haven't crocheted any clothes yet but I'd like to start. If I don't do the dress I'll probably start with a baby sweater for the grandbaby-to-be. *smiles ear to ear* I have so many projects rattling around my head right now! I need to get some going so I can stop thinking about them. It doesn't help that I bought a new baby afghan book with my gift card and a 40% off coupon. (still have a $2.XX balance on it! lol) They're all so beautiful, I want to make everyone one of them! And I won't mention that I stopped by the Salvation Army last night and bought a bunch more sweaters to unravel. I left them in the van because I couldn't trust myself not to dig into them when I should be doing other things. :o) Ontop of that I've been reading about dying the natural animal based material (wool, cashmere, angora, alpaca, etc). You use of all things...Koolaid or food coloring! There are some awesome colorways created out there!!! ARGH! I need more hours in the day!

And on that note, Tom's home after picking up Michelle from I'm outta here.

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noelle said...

I tried to unravel a couple of sweaters from good will but couldn't figure it out. Kudos to you! It's a great source of inexpensive yarn!