Sunday, January 31, 2010

Full weekend

I should know better then to set deadlines on here. I know I said I'd get my Honest Scrap post up last weekend but as usual, things happen. I have a post started if that means anything. I worked beer pouring last Saturday and then concessions for the Syracuse vs Georgetown game Monday night. By the end of the game I felt like I'd been run over with a truck and had a massive headache. It lasted well into Wednesday and was only subdued to a dull roar with ibuprofen. Carrie and Luke both ended up with one last week too. Thursday found me driving through a blizzard and starting to go off the road. When I left home it was blue skies with wind driven snow drifts here and there...nothing too bad if you drove carefully. By the time I'd dropped off Michelle and made it half way home we were into snow and eventually total white outs. Even though it was daytime I had a hard time seeing where the sides of the road were. Luckily things let up enough to make the trip not too treacherous on the way back to pick up Michelle. For a while I thought we'd have to get a motel room in the city. lol Much to our chagrin school wasn't even delayed the next day.

Michelle had Friday off. A day to stay home and get some things accomplished. First on the list was the taxes...we NEED our refund! Now I'm counting down the days until it gets here. Thankfully we don't have to wait for months for like in the old days. I managed to get some much needed things done here but was limited due to rationing propane since we're almost out. We managed to make it last through the weekend, allowing the kids to shower for school today. PHEW! Hopefully they'll come today. I'm dying to bake cookies and get caught up on the laundry.

Saturday was FREEZING out! When I got up it was -7 degrees Fahrenheit. At least it wasn't snowing. lol The kids were bouncing off the walls because WE WERE GOING TO A HOTEL!!! My niece won a free weekend for a local inn's bridal suite in a nearby town. She was only going to use it for Friday night so asked Della if she wanted to use it with her little kids. Della then lost her mind and invited me and my 4 youngest kids. I was equally insane and actually said yes. I thought Danielle was going to jump out of her skin waiting until it was time to go. When Della pulled up to the house to pick us up Danielle just kept yelling...IS SHE HERE? IS SHE REALLY HERE? REALLY? SHE'S HERE? REALLY REALLY? I had to hurry and get her out the door so she wouldn't explode.

The place was awesome and if I had a memory card (which I hope to get in the next few weeks!!) I could actually show you it. It was a loft bedroom over a sitting area/kitchenette. To get to the loft was a wood spiral staircase. The counters were all granite. The bathroom was tiled throughout with a huge shower room. The kids were thrown for a loop because there wasn't a door or curtain it. We had to explain that the shower was made so that the water wouldn't leave the stall area and didn't need one. There was a huge wood door with a stained glass window on one wall. When I opened it my eyes practically popped out of my head. It was an executive conference room. It was a beautiful dining and sitting area with an awesome view of the river. The walls were a light buttercream with dark wood moulding. The floors were red cherry maybe (at least they were stained a really dark red/brown). There was a massive table that fit 14 huge wood upholstered chairs. Along with a wetbar with a second fridge. The sitting area had a couch with 2 chairs overlooking a chest of drawers coffee table and a gas fireplace. (It took me a few hours but I finally found the switch to turn it on!) The furniture was all Stickley!! YIKES! It was mission style furniture so was sturdy but it's expensive!! Not something you want the kids climbing all over and eating on. They actually did pretty well until the very end when Danielle broke the rules. She went upstairs (which she wasn't suppose to do) with juice (no one was suppose to have up there). The juice ended up spilling on the bed cover.

Most of the kids settled down pretty well. I lucked out and Sean feel asleep nursing and didn't wake up when I put him down like he usually does. Danielle took a bit to convince but went without too much trouble. I'd say I barely slept but I'm not sure I was awake any more then I would be at home lately. As I knew he would be, Sean was up at the crack of dawn. I TRIED TRIED TRIED to keep him quiet. As long as he had a finger up to his lips he'd remember to whisper. As soon as it wasn't was full volume mode. The first thing out of his mouth was...Della here? Della an aunt (we've been talking to him about him being an uncle when Drew's baby is born). Go bye bye to the bouncy house!!! I settled him down for a nursing session to keep him quiet. Mid nurse he stops and looks up at me and says... I lub you. Talk about heartmelting. I don't think anyone slept very well. Which made the day ahead a little bit harder.

We packed up and then ate a really nice continental breakfast in a library that barely fit us...luckily there wasn't anyone needing to eat in there at the time. When we got back to the room we realized it was still a bit early for us to get to church so we had some time to kill. The older kids settled upstairs for a movie while Della and I sat in the conference room with Disney on for the kids and more coffee for us. Finally it was time to leave. We all packed into Della's van, stopped by her house to pick up the lunch and dessert Marielle had made for everyone and then onto church. We then had a leisurely day hanging out with the ladies, eating a yummy lunch and watching the kids jump in the bouncy house, run around and fall apart due to exhaustion.

Sean had me laughing last night. He was tired and was climbing into my lap for a nighttime nursing. He suddenly looked at me and said...Where Della? When I explained that she was at her house he fell apart and started crying...DEELLLLLA! DEELLLLAAAAA! It took a bit of work but I finally calmed him down enough to nurse and fall asleep. The night ended with us watching Slumdog Millionaire with Tom (one of the few movies he's requested to see).

This morning has been interesting. Eileen was going to throw up, Olivia's throat is scratchy and red and Danielle has been crying about everything and anything since she got up. I still say the weekend was worth it.

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