Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let's try this again

It's 7:45am and I think I'm about ready for a do over for the day. I woke up late, getting the kids off to a rushed start. Made coffee and when I went to sit down caused my computer chair to knock over my huge cup...breaking the handle off the cup. Luckily it had been sitting for a bit as I ended up wearing some of it.

(well I would insert a picture of my poor pathetic coffee cup with no handle but I still don't have a memory card and as usual the usb cord for my camera isn't where it's suppose to be!)

At least the kids made it out the door with everything they needed and some toast. Well most of them, Eileen is still in bed for some reason. I'm sure she'll tell me she isn't feeling well..most of us aren't. Val is coughing really bad, Danielle and Sean are coughing a bit, most everyone else has some sort of cold, sore throat, and/or headache. Me, I'm stuffed up which makes for a sloooow go of things. I'd really rather be sitting on the couch, under a huge blanket with a book. Carrie is reading Lovely Bones for her book report this month. She really wants to see the movie so I suggested she read the book first. Tom picked up my mom's copy of it yesterday. Now I want to reread it. I also have a book my mom said I needed to read on my dresser...The Shack by William P Young. I'm not really sure what the story is exactly...probably why I haven't picked it up yet. Or is that my crochet hook has taken over instead?

OOps! Time to wake up Olivia for school. This should be fun since she knows Eileen is home.

She's up and going! I forgot that Eileen was complaining about being dizzy last night. It really doesn't have anything to do with them still being awake well after I was in bed last night, really. (although I did go to bed a lot earlier then normal, it was still past their bedtime)

Saturday night I got a surprise. The list came out for beer pouring and my name wasn't on it! Here I was thinking I'd have to be gone most of Sunday and suddenly it's free. Wooohoo! I debated on whether to go to church or not but with the little ones running fevers on and off and coughing...decided it was best I stayed home. Guess it was a good thing I wasn't scheduled because by the end of the day I was starting to feel the cold coming on. I still had to drive Michelle to work and pick her up since Tom was on call last week (ended Monday morning).

And then I got distracted and left this sitting there. Wouldn't you know it I ended up knocking over ANOTHER huge cup of coffee the same way I did this morning! So the floor around my computer is extra clean and I'm down one mug. The first mug didn't make the drop. I noticed huge cracks all the way through after I finished the coffee I remade in it. Luckily it didn't leak all over too. \

I took some me time on Sunday after dropping Michelle at work. I returned my electric yarn winder (didn't wind the yarn tight enough, had to babysit the yarn too much...would stop winding at the least little tension), looked through the fabric store and walked out without spending anything. Then it was onto AC Moore with my $25 gift card Pat gave me for Christmas. I was in there FOREVER!!! I could NOT figure out what yarn to buy. I wanted something to make a neutral gender baby blanket (with no pink or purple in it or Allison won't use it on a boy). I also want to make each couple a wedding afghan. I couldn't find what I wanted on sale (it's just too hard for me to buy things at full price). I saw some really nice painted/variegated yarn and some sock yarn that I'd love to have. At $5 or $6 per small skein I just couldn't bring myself to buy it without a specific project for it. I settled on white baby yarn for an "heirloom" blanket...I'll make something gender specific once I know what they're having. I walked out of the store having spent only half my card. I think I might take a 40% off coupon and buy an afghan book I was looking through with more of the card. I then headed to the thrift store. I had my fingers crossed that I'd run into a yarn winder, saving me tons of money...but no go. So I headed to the sweater racks. I've been wanting to try reclaiming yarn from thrift store sweaters and wanted to see if I could find something suitable for a first time project. I walked out of there with 5 of them...magenta cotton, green wool, green chenille (thin thin yarn), blue baby alpaca, and a striped cotton/nylon shirt. I spent more then I usually would on them but knew I wouldn't be back through there any time too soon. Hopefully I can do this and it'll be worth the money I spent.

Yesterday was spent taking apart the green chenille shirt. I have a pretty good size pile of yarn waiting to be rinsed and dekinked. I also started on the magenta cotton shirt but ran into some difficulty with unraveling it so put it aside. Today it was the striped one. I had some issues with it but I think I've worked it out. It's such a fine/thin material that it's taking a bit of time to do.

And now dinner, homework, picking Michelle up from work and bedtime has come and gone. So I'm ending this before it drags out into tomorrow.


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Thia said...

I am amazed at the time you find for crochet. I hope that someday I too will have the time b/c I really miss it!