Thursday, February 25, 2010

A short day

The kids HATE their bus ride and are always asking for me to pick them up. I don't blame them really, it's an hour long ride over hilly and curvy roads....carsick city. Usually I'm on my way to take Michelle to work when they get out. Today Michelle went into work at 8:30. So I told anyone who wanted to that I'd pick them up at 2. My mindset was that Michelle was getting out at 2:30, I'd get the kids, pick Michelle up and then run a few errands. Then I looked at her schedule and realized...she gets out at 4. I was really tempted to call the whole thing off and just go by myself to pick her up after the kids got off the bus. I couldn't really though....they were so excited to go, especially Danielle. She's been talking about going to the dollar store and buying socks for weeks now. No toys, just socks. Of course once we got there her whole demeanor changed....she got the gimmes pretty bad.

I picked up Luke (no need to sign him out) and then he waited with the Danielle and Sean while I ran into the elementary school to sign out the rest of the kids. When I went to sign the sign-out book I realized I was shaking pretty badly. I'd forgotten to eat before we left. None of the kids had any snacks or candy in their bags either. RATS! I kept debating on what to do. Stop for food first and eat on the way into the city or run an errand first and take the kids to McDonald's to play. I opted for the errand first. I LOVE our small city DMV! I walked in the DMV door, up to a window, did what I came to do and was back in the van before the parking meter even knew I'd dropped a quarter into it. I asked the kids if they'd done their homework while I was gone. For some reason no one did any.

I was still shaking so it was onto McD's. The kids hadn't had an after school snack so were on the hungry side also. Carrie...she just wanted fries. I got to indulge in a filet o fish (or two). thank you lent! I love McD's 2 for $3 fish and lg fries special every lent. Carrie ended up "stealing" my salad (she wanted to go buy one so I just gave her mine). Sean and Danielle split a McDouble and the three of us split a lg fries. The rest of the kids got a dollar sandwich and a lg fries each. They were SO good. Sean and Danielle just sat there chomping away, watching the tv. I had to tell them to stop eating and go play. lol We stayed for about an hour...until it was time to pick up Michelle from work. Then we hit the dollar store, stopped at Burger King so Michelle could grab something to eat, a quick (and expensive) trip through Walmart to get prepared for the weekend and snow. Michelle bought Tom a chicken teriyaki sub from subway for his dinner. Yay! No cooking for me! The kids fixed a snack before bed. We got home just in time to unload the van and take the kids to cleaning. Now they're in bed, hoping for a snow day or two. I told them not to hold their breaths for tomorrow since the storm isn't suppose to be bad until evening...right when I'm suppose to be driving Michelle to work and picking her up!!!

I remembered to bring my camera with us today. BUT I forgot the memory card in the printer so could only take a few pictures.

Luke lounging with his ice water

Jake feeling right at home with a video game

Carrie getting in on the action

And of course Sean has to be a part of it too

Danielle the two headed girl



Eileen finally gets a turn on the video game

Oops! Did I say they were SO good!?! Danielle started to protest because we had to pick up Michelle from work and not go to the dollar store which she could see...RIGHT! ACROSS! THE STREET!!!!


The whole gang on the way home


Thia said...

I hope they get their snow day. Up here they canceled before there was 2 inches on the road. And no doubt they'll get tomorrow too. I just think they want a long weekend and winter is running out.

Lisa said...

Sounds like fun. Our McDonald's don't have video games. Just dirty slides. Hmmm, of course I have to drive 30 miles to find those. My kids are McD deprived.

Kim said...

I wanted a long week too Thia! Yay snow days! :o)

Lisa, our McD's is a 20+ mile drive. It just happens to be a few miles from Michelle's work, so that works out for my kids.

The kids told me it stunk in the slide. Luckily no one brought home anything gross on their clothes. I was glad to see most of my kids either washed their hands or used sanitizer after playing there. Seems they are listening at times. lol

Elizabeth said...

I must say... carrie is gorgeous in the last picture <3 Liz