Tuesday, February 09, 2010

4 days at home

Wednesday I took Michelle to work for 4 and never made it home before she had to be picked up. I hit the grocery stores and when it was obvious I needed to kill some time. I used the last of my gift card at AC Moore and bought a bamboo handled G hook, grabbed a package of mill end yarn I bought at Big Lots that day and sat at her work (they have a table near the entrance) and crocheted. We got home pretty close to 10.

It's a rarity but I had 4 straight days when I didn't leave the house this weekend. Drew took Michelle to work on Thursday, Tom picked her up. She had Friday and Saturday off and there were no activities planned. Most of us skipped church on Sunday after Sean woke up complaining his eyes hurt. I figured he had a headache. Danielle said she didn't feel good either but I'm not sure if she was just trying to jump on the sympathy train with Sean. They both have had yucky noses so I'm sure she wasn't feeling 100%. Then Tom took and picked up Michelle for me.

What's even more amazing is that I was in an organizing mood and my body cooperated. I cleaned out a cupboard or two, scrubbed down cupboard fronts, cleaned out the laundry room and did laundry non stop for days. I'm happy to say that I was down to a tiny bit in the hamper. Then Eileen and Olivia cleaned their room. No problem...I did that too. What the problem is...I slacked back off on keeping the machine going and it's quickly piling back up!!!!! Last night I declared that no one could wear clothes anymore. I don't think anyone was listening.

Usually when I'm in that type of mood I can be someone who you don't want to be around....especially if you get in my way. This weekend was different. I just puttered around and every once in a while decided...I'm taking a break. I'd grab a coffee, my crochet hook, some yarn and sit for about an hour. I'm lurking at a few crochet alongs over at Crochetville and have started a few of their projects. Problem is there are too many of them...I want to do almost all of them! lol

So my WIP's (works in progress) are....

Jackson Square Blanket that the Captain Hook and the Yarn Pirates are doing. I have 4 squares done so far. I'm not sure who or why I'm making it...just for practice I guess.

The Tree of Life Afghan that I found through the Tree of Life CAL (crochet along). I have a wedding in May and I figured this would make a good shower gift. I'm on row 21 of the first set of trees. It's a bit harder to do around here since I have to concentrate and count my stitches more. I'm a little bit disappointed in my yarn. I'm using aran Bernat worsted I had stashed. In natural light it looks ivory/cream colored. In artificial light it can take on a yellowish coloring. I'm afraid I'm going to put all this work into it and then not like it enough to give as a gift.

Working the Tree of Life as a shower gift also allows me to join along in the new Somebody is Getting Married CAL. And when that's done I have 2 other weddings I want to make gifts for, so it works for me. I've also thought to offer to make wedding favors for them. (hearts for Drew's, snowflake ornaments for Pat's maybe?) but we'll see.

I also have the Midnight Brites afghan. However I haven't done too much on it since the last time I mentioned it. Maybe I need a CAL for that! lol

My last WIP is MIA at the moment.


I seem to have misplaced the baby blanket I was working on (on row 44 of 73 rows). Last time I had it I was working on it in the bathroom while supervising Danielle and Sean in a bath. I stuck the bag into the closet before they got out of the tub so that they wouldn't get it wet. When I went to get it, it wasn't there. I haven't looked too hard for it. I'm hoping I took it into my room when I went in there to get their outfits. I'm dreading the thought that someone thought it was a bag of trash and collected it before Tom left for the dump on Saturday. Finding and working on this would make it possible to join in the Baby CAL. Then there's the things I want to make for Drew's baby. And the things I can donate to various charities. Baby things make for quick projects.

Then there's the...12 months of Crochet Christmas Caroling, the February Charity Blitz (might still join in that one) and the Lumberjack Flannelghan to name of few. But there's too few hours in the day.

I am happy to announce that I can share pictures now. While out shopping last Wednesday I bought a memory card! YIPPEE! And wouldn't you know it...first thing I walk in the door I find this...


And the next day Danielle and Sean were too cute sitting in the new chairs, reading.



John and Sean playing guitar together.

guitar session

So now I need to get to work and keep up the momentum I started this weekend. Tomorrow I won't be able to do much as I have to go to beer pouring at the Syracuse Dome. Thursday is Carrie's appointment for the TODAY study. Then the last day of school Friday before midwinter break and ISLAND WEEK!!!!

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