Monday, February 22, 2010

The rest of the week

The rest of the week was kind of low key. We tried to gear our meals toward the island theme but that was about it. I never did get pictures of the ceiling fan in the kitchen dressed up as the sun. Or Olivia's treasure map that runs across the back wall. She has us going around a palm tree, over a mountain, past a volcano and through a river before coming to the big red X of a treasure. I never finished the palm tree either.

On Sunday we were surprised when our friend from church, Delandie, pulled into the driveway.


He lives in Michigan but had a doctor's visit here on Tuesday. So he turned it into a week long visit. He stayed at our house Wednesday and Thursday. His original plans were to stay until Sunday morning but on Friday it ended up that he was here with just Tom, me and the little ones. He decided to head back home early. The ironic of the reasons he decided to go early was so he could hang out with the boys from here. On Friday Luke went with a few boys to Michigan to hang out for the weekend. lol Shhh don't say anything but there's been talk of him getting hired in our area in a few weeks. Seems he may be working at his old job soon so will be moving back here for the summer. (it's a seasonal job) We're all praying it happens. Also that he can find something more permanent while he's here.

On Tuesday night we dropped Michelle off at work and then headed to McDonald's. The little kids played in the playplace while Carrie, Delandie and I sat and talked. I let them all get a sandwich and fries. Then I splurged for sundaes for everyone (and another sandwich for Delandie lol).

Wednesday was right up there as one of the worst days of my life. Val and I ended up getting into an argument over something really stupid. In not one of my best motherhood moments, I allowed it to escalate into something really ugly. She ended up calling Pat to come pick her up, walking out the door without saying anything to anyone...even the little kids. We haven't heard from her since. (although I'm pretty sure she's talking to at least Michelle) I was a mess for days. It breaks my heart that we have this divide between us. She's the type of person to keep it there for quite a long time. I'm not sure if we'll ever be ok again. Whoever thinks having big kids makes life easier is INSANE!

Saturday we went to visit my parents. We hadn't seen them since they were out here for their Christmas visit. They just got back from 2 weeks in North Carolina last Sunday. It just so happened that my mom was cooking a pot roast and if I could bring potatoes, she'd have enough to feed us. So I grabbed Tom, our bag of potatoes and loaded Jake on down into the van. We had a good visit filled with lots of laughing as everyone got to play with their Wii and balance board. Someone had mentioned us getting one (I'm thinking it was Drew) but I nixed the thought since we already have the Xbox. Now seeing how physical the kids are while playing it, I'm rethinking it, but it's still pretty low on my list.

Sunday was finally the day that it happened! We finally got the kitchen together and enough chairs that allows us to all sit at our kitchen table. It's a really tight fit but no one's complaining since they've missed it so much. I can't remember the last time we all sat our kitchen table for dinner. We had a ball! Allison came over and visited us. We talked about what Olympic competition we each thought we'd be the most likely to metal in (being that we had lifelong training and such). I picked softball, Jake and Allison picked curling, Tom picked running. Then it was onto what competition would we most like to be able to compete in. I picked the platform high dive since it seems so scary to me and it would be awesome if I could do it. Tom picked weight lifting. Olivia and Allison picked the half pipe. Danielle said skateboarding. lol We then moved onto our favorite veggie and fruit. Then we played Doctor. Get your mind out of the gutter and stop giggling. It's a parlor game where someone is the doctor and leaves the room. The rest decide what the symptom will be (like everyone to say Ummmm before answering their question). The doctor then comes in and asks everyone questions. Everyone has answer his questions while incorporating the symptom into the answer. The doctor has to figure out what the symptom is. After a few rounds of that I had to be the wet blanket and end all the fun. But it was after 9:30 and there was school the next day.


Thia said...

So sorry to hear about the fight and praying for healing between you both.

Kim said...

Thanks Thia....It helps. No word from her so far. :o(