Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I can hear them laughing from here

This morning has been a dandy already. Tom informed me when I got home from beer pouring last night that Oreo's lead had broke. He also informed me that he fixed it. Well he may have fixed it for normal everyday use. What Tom doesn't realize though is that Oreo goes absolutely berserk when the school bus pulls up to the house. I think you can guess what happened. As the kids were climbing into the bus Oreo managed to undo Tom's fix. Before I knew it he was standing in front of the bus barking his head off. The bus was gently and ever so slowly trying to persuade him that it wasn't the best place to be (with a car waiting behind it no less). Oreo wouldn't be persuaded. The bus continued to creep very slowly down the street with the maniac dog dancing and barking at it's front tires in front of it.

I didn't know what to do. Sean was up but no one else. I planted Sean in front of the computer, threw on my sneaks and ran out the door screaming. They were pretty far down the street. I definitely couldn't run down there, I'd drop dead from exhaustion before I made it to them. Plus I was sure my kids on the bus didn't want everyone else to experience their mom running in half on sneaks, no coat...oh it's just not a pretty sight. I tried my no fail method of getting Oreo back to the house...turning on the van like we're about to pull out of the driveway. No go...after all why would he bother coming home for a puny van when he had the mother of all catches under his control already! I was standing in the road screaming for Oreo, trying to decide my next step (grabbing Sean, throwing him in his carseat and driving down to where the bus was so I could snag the stupid dog). Then the bus put on it's blinking lights and a kid got off the bus, crossed in front of it and came out the other side with Oreo in his hands. The bus turned off it's lights and continued on it's way. I could barely make out who it was. I finally heard his faint yells and realized it was Jake. He dragged the dog home by his collar, no small feat. The bus driver is a sweetheart. She called our house before she left the school for her 2nd trip. She wanted to make sure Jake and Oreo got home safely.

So Jake went to school on 2nd trip (an hour late) and I had to write him an excuse for his tardiness. I had NO idea what to say. I couldn't say he overslept or that he missed the bus...everyone knew he didn't. So I wrote...

Please excuse Jacob's tardiness today. We had a major loose dog incident. Thank You.

Now the question is...will they accept it as a legal excuse....after they pick themselves up off the floor and wipe the tears from their eyes of course.

Maybe I WILL give Oreo that bath I was thinking of giving him today...he HATES it! Serves him right! :op~~~~~


~Tammy~ said...

Great post Kim, I am LOL!

NannyOgg said...

haha, at least it makes for a good story!

I hope they accept your excuse, and if not, oh well.


holly said...

Between your's and Della's dogs, I can't figure out why people want to own dogs...No offense, but they seem like too much work. LOL! Give me kids anyday. :)