Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wow! THAT was fun!

Last night we had beer pouring for the Syracuse vs Villanova basketball game. It was a record breaking crowd with 34,616 in attendance. I LOVE working at the Dome. The crowds, talking to people, even just working. I thought I made myself some trouble because I stayed up until 4am Sat morning crocheting (had to MAKE myself go to bed). The game was late with a 9pm start. No problem. I actually was so pumped by the time we left that I couldn't fall asleep until after 2 last night. Of course this morning is another story...I'm a bit stiff and a little slower then normal. lol

They opened the Dome half an hour earlier then normal. We poured our first beer almost immediately (usually the first half hour we don't do too much) and it didn't really stop from there. I got into a rhythm where I could pour and cap without turning off the tap. I'm not sure exactly how many cups we (me and another lady from church) poured but by my count it averaged about 500 cups per hour. (poured for 3.5 hours) I've had football games where we didn't pour that many the whole day (and it's a longer beer pouring session). They definitely got their money's worth out of us last night.

I was laughing at myself last night when it was announced that some of Syracuse's past best b'ball players were in attendence and I became all giddy because I was there with them. It's not like I even saw them...I was standing in a hallway where I couldn't even see the basketball court (the private boxes were blocking my view). But I was there and a part of it nonetheless. :o)

We have one more basketball game to pour beer for on Tuesday. Then we're doing a concession stand for the Sweet 16 and Elite 8 games for the NCAA tournament at the end of March. I think we're also doing concessions for a few lacrosse games before we're done for the summer.

Today Michelle has to work at 2 and Pat and Alex may be coming out but I'm not sure when. Because it's been so long since we've held a regular meeting at church, they've decided to have one at 3:30 not sure how everything will work out. I hate when both my worlds collide!!!!

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