Monday, February 22, 2010

Odds and Ends

Just some fun pictures I wanted to share (especially with Liz)

Danielle after her makeover. I'm not sure who did her makeup.


Seanie showing off his cup Aunt Della gave him.


The world through Sean's viewfinder...


I last but not least...I decided I didn't want to clog up the family blog with tons of craft/crochet posts. So I've started a blog dedicated to it called... It's off the Hook!

I'm pretty sure I've caught up on everything I wanted to share. If not, I'm sure I'll post again. lol


holly said...

Danielle isn't really cross-eyed, is she? I ask only because my daughter used to be, but I have seen other pics of Danielle, and never noticed it before...

holly said...

Was my question offensive? I truly hope it wasn't, as I didn't mean it to be. :(

Kim said...

Hi Holly! I'm meant to respond to your question yesterday but forgot about it when I got back on this morning....sorry.

No Danielle is not crossed eye. She was showing one of the girls her new talent.

Did your daughter have surgery to correct the crossing? Michelle's had surgery 3 times on her eyes for Amblyopia. Her eyes still turn at certain times. According to the surgeon he can't do anymore work on her. Last we knew, it wasn't reducing her vision acuity like it was when she was little.

Ashley said...

No. We had to patch her, but still, it was her brain rather than her eye that was the problem. She had to mature enough to know how to keep it straight. She still crosses when she is tired, but not all the time anymore. Also, my son had an eye injury that trapped his muscle, and now, he can't lift his eye up all the way. So, when he looks up enough, he looks crossed too.

Holly (not Ashley)

Kim said...

Sounds like they had similar things. Michelle's eyes would look at different things so her brain would turn one eye off causing the off eye to float up and out. It wasn't always the same eye. If it didn't/doesn't turn off the eye she sees double.

I'm glad patching worked for your daughter. We tried to patch Michelle (both eyes...different times of course) but it didn't help. We finally went to surgery when her vision started to decrease.

My grandmother was blind in one eye and it completely turned out all the time due to the same thing. I'm pretty thankful for the medical advances we have available to us nowadays.