Monday, May 24, 2010

Random morning things

Danielle had fallen asleep on the couch last night so we left her there. I had to find my camera and call everyone into the room to see this this morning....


Sleeping Beauty...yes she is truly sleeping, not just blinking. She stayed in this position for some time. You have to wonder what her dreams are made of.


School beauty....Olivia did NOT want to go to school this morning. She hemmed and hawed and dragged her feet. It killed me to "make" her go but she did....


Can I just say that I'm super pysched that there's only 4 more weeks of school left!!! WOOHOOOOO! *does a little dance in her chair*

Beauty of an owie...Sean woke up with his ankle like this, I'm assuming it's a bite.



Fortunately it looks a lot better already. I was so worried that we were dealing with cellulitis. I was sure we were headed into the doctors. Looks like we'll be able to avoid that.

As for everything else that's going on here. Can I just was so much easier when the kids were all little. Well emotionally and mentally at least. Physically the little ones will the toughest gig award. There's nothing terrible or really bad going on here. Just some things weighing heavily on my heart. It's so hard when your kids may have to suffer through an experience. You just want to jump ontop of them and block the blows for them. Hopefully in a few days we'll be back to blissfully boring around here. LOL


~Tammy~ said...

four more WEEKS? I expected you to say "four more DAYS of school". many schools here are already out for the summer, others are finishing within the next week.

Of course, kids here start in the second week of August, and probably don't have quite so many weather days as you do.

Have a blessed day!

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