Friday, April 06, 2012


I did a little dance yesterday morning as the bus pulled away.  Not that I was happy Danielle was going to school, I was happy that my vacation had officially started.  I won't have to get up any exhausted cranky kids for the next 10 days!   Woohoo!

Yesterday was grandparents/special friend's day at school.  My parents had decided a while ago that they'd only attend with the kids in this year was their year to go.  My mom crabbed a little about having to go and I reminded her it was the second to last time.  That by this time next year she'd go for Sean and then be all done.   :o(    Val and Liz have already volunteered to go with Danielle next year/the other times.     I messed up and ended up having to leave,  which means I missed seeing my parents when they brought Danielle home for lunch.  (my mom hates ziti so didn't want to eat at school).   I dropped Val off at work for 10, thinking....I'll get home just in time to take Carrie to school.   I got home, walked in the door and immediately started cleaning the living room.  Carrie stumbled into the living room 45 minutes after the bus left school and 15 minutes before her class was to start (GED program school is 35+ mins away in the small city, a few miles from where Val works).    She HAD to go since she only has 2 days to practice for her test and was in the middle of doing essays.    I hate when I can't keep a thought for more then 3 seconds, it seems to happen a lot lately.

So in the next few weeks my front door may as well be a revolving door.   Liz is putting her 2 week notice in at work or maybe asking for a transfer.  Either way she'll be moving out at the end of the 2wks.   Val is looking for a place to rent in the small city and it's almost certain that Drew, Allison and Meghan will be moving in with us at the end of the month.   YAY!  It'll be interesting to see how that goes.  I'm sure we'll be fine.  

Sean was so excited.  He's been waiting for me to make "donuts".  I told him he had to wait until Friday when everyone was home from school.   So this morning we cut up and fried refrigerator biscuits to make cinnamon donuts.  The plan as of right now is to finish this up and then get some people moving in the little kids' room.   It'll turn into Carrie's room since Drew and Allison will be taking over her room.   The only roadblock is what to do with all the toys.  I don't think they'd do well in the living room.    I'd love if I could get into my bedroom.  It shouldn't take too long to straighten up but I want to paint it!  Then again it would be nice if we could paint the little kids' room before we rearrange bedrooms too.  And if Allison wants to repaint Carrie and Liz's room..... It's not bad, they painted it purple and yellow last summer, but she might want a color scheme more to her liking.

Well, guess I should get up and get moving since no one will do anything as long as I'm sitting here.   Maybe I'll get my act together and start using my camera more and make it a bit prettier here.  


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