Monday, April 16, 2012


Finally getting to sit down to my first cup of coffee, and it's only 11:29. lol   I knew today would be hard after having over a week off but waaaah!   I want summer vacation to get here already!  And the weather doesn't help either, it's such a tease.  This morning was absolutely gorgeous!   Danielle was so concerned she'd need her jacket but eventually I convinced her it was ok to go out the door without it.   I can't wait until this weather is an everyday thing.   It kind of feels ungrateful of me to want to rush it here after the barely winter we just had but I LOVE me some summer!   Driving home from the small city with all the windows down in the car reminded me of the car trips we used to take around the lake on hot summer nights.  Oh to just be able to jump in the car and drive for the pure joy of driving.   Stupid gas prhmices!

So I'm pretty sure Drew started a new job this morning.  At least I know he was suppose to, whether he actually went to it or not I haven't a clue until I talk to Allison.  He's on the road Mon - Thurs doing refurbishing work on log homes, I think.   I'm glad that he has a new job, I'm sad that Allison will have deal with things on her own so that he can do it,  and that Drew will miss out on things.   I'm glad that she's moving in so I can help her out for a while.   Drew's work schedule is going to make moving a bit trickier.  They will be moved in within 2 wks and I have a lot to do.  When I mentioned to Tom some things I would need help with, he told me to call Drew and have him come over and help.  Not happening now.   If only my mind could do the actual work!  This place would be set straight in a heartbeat! lol    Everywhere I look I see things I need done or want todo.   Then I spend tons of mental energy doing them in my head, sometimes many many times.  Then I wonder why I'm exhausted and have no energy to do the actual project.

Of course having to drive so much doesn't help either.  I'm working on putting on 1200 miles on my car this week.   With Tom being on call, I've put on all but about 150.  *heavy sigh* So at the top of my todo list is to convince Tom it's time to find the time to teach these kids to drive!!!!  Originally we'd agreed he'd be the instructor, mostly because I always had little ones with me and that wasn't a good thing for a new driver to have to deal with.   Now it's because I've tried and  I'm not very good at it.   It's one of my faults...trying to tell someone what and how to do things doesn't come easy.  It's one of the reasons why I tend to just do things myself.  Or is the other way around?  I can't instruct because "it's easier" to do it myself?

So the rest of the list...

Make up a meal plan for this week and next
Paint and put up loft beds (3 of them)
Go lay in the grass and enjoy the warm breeze
Clean out the car
Pick up Sean and Danielle's room
Clean the large bathroom
Straighten up my room
Put away some laundry
Clean out the sock bench
Start moving things out of Danielle and Sean's room
Paint my room
Play in the gardens
Plant some seeds
Crochet!  Crochet!  Crochet!
Patch the pool wall
Hook up the pool filter and start filling
Clear the leaves off the pool floor
wash windows, walls, cabinets, floors
And so on and so on and so on...

A funny this morning.  Sean was outside with Danielle while she waited for the bus.  As she was getting on the bus he started fooling around like he was going to get on the bus and go to school too.   Or at least I thought he was.  I stopped holding him back as the bus started pulling away and he started running after the bus like a puppy.   Then he started crying as he walked back, wailing... I WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL TOO!!!!!   Awww poor thing.   Liz has the day off and is making his day a fun one.  They've already gone for a walk down to Billy's pond, taken showers to wash off any poison ivy oils, had tortilla pizzas and are now enjoying Kung Fu Panda for the umpteenth time.  (yes, it's 1:14 now)

Today is Carrie's last regular day of the GED program.  She takes the actual test all day tomorrow and Wednesday.  I think she'll find out if she passed before she leaves on Wed.    She brought home a packet to join a summer program but arrived in the middle of the presentation for it.  I think it's for a summer training and employment program.  She'll find out more.  I know I don't want to be driving her to the small city every day for it but we'll see whether I do or not, especially after I find out more about it.

Well let's see what I can get done on my todo list in the next 2 hours before I have to leave again.    Hope your day is a good one.


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