Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday already!??!

Not that I'm complaining....I'm looking forward to the weekend already.  

One of the hardest things about having all these kids is watching/letting them make their mistakes and live with the consequences.  This week it was Carrie's turn.  She took her GED test all day on Tues and Wed.  She woke up Tuesday morning with a headache you knew was killing her just by looking at her.   She could barely open her eyes and they were watering.   She loaded up on Ibuprofen and when that didn't touch it, Excedrin and a cup of coffee hoping that the caffeine would help and out the door she went.   She wasn't happy when she came home.  She made a major mistake on the test and she thinks it might have caused her to fail.   She didn't finish the multiple choice reading questions, had 6 of 50 left to do but she could go back and finish it after she finished the second part which was an essay.  She decided to brainstorm and write the intro paragraph on the scrap piece of paper they provided.  The proctor reminded them that the essay was to be on the good paper to be counted.  She got the intro done and knew what the rest would be but FORGOT to move over to the good paper and kept on writing on the scrap.  She realized what she'd done when it was announced there was 10 mins left for the exam.   She'd written five paragraphs and was about to tackle the unfinished multiple choice when it hit her what she'd done.  She quickly tried to copy the essay to the good paper but only made it to paragraph 3 when time was called.  She's hoping it's enough to pass (need a 2 out of 4 score) but said it probably wasn't.   She also thought they said if they didn't finish the multiple choice it wouldn't be graded at all which makes NO SENSE to me but then I'm not the state so she could be right.  I hope not.    Luckily Wednesday was better for her.   It was also the day most of her strong subjects were being tested....Math and science.  Social studies was the other subject but not a good one for her.   So I guess we have to wait a week or two to get the results mailed to us.  I'm not sure what Carrie's suppose to be doing in the meantime and neither is she.   I guess we'll have to call the school.

I'm suppose to be cleaning up around here since I'll be getting company in an hour or so.  Meghan and Dylan (Allison's sister's son) will be coming over for the afternoon so I can babysit them.   Seems Allison has a first appointment with a MIDWIFE!!!!   Yep, I'm going to be a Grandma again!  It was the birthday present I said I had to wait for delivery of.  I was waiting for Allison to announce it on her blog but she's pretty busy right now.  It is Facebook official though so I feel ok sharing it here.   She gave me a birthday card that said "Guess What?" on the outside.    "I'm going to be a big sister soon!  Love Meghan"  on the inside.    It was the best birthday present ever!   She announced it to her family on Easter with Meghan wearing a tshirt that said I'm going to be a big sister soon on it.  She's feeling tired and icky just like a good pregnant person should.  :o)   Drew should be coming home tonight from his first week of work.    I mentioned to Tom that it's probably going to kick Drew's butt!   Allison stopped by the other night and said he sent her a picture of his blistered hands from digging holes all day his first day.   Thing is, Drew's always liked to be busy and do things so I'm sure he'll like this job.   Especially if it can help him get buff. lol

oops..a phone call and now the kids are here.   So I can't think/write more now.   


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congratulations! I am so glad you have them close at hand! thank you, God, for our blessings.