Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Aahhh a day at home

I lucked out this week, Liz and Val both had the same days off....Monday and Wednesday.   On Monday I ended up running Eileen and Olivia somewhere and going to the small city anyways (stupid Redbox!).  Today though, I have no choice but to stay home, Drew has borrowed the car for the day and the van still isn't working.    I have big plans for the day but not sure where to start, so I'm stalling here.

Easter brunch was very nice.   Michelle came over very early in the morning and hid plastic Easter eggs with Val.   She also brought over lots of yummy fruit, orange juice and chocolate milk which was a bigger hit then the Easter baskets. lol   I had almost everything done when I said it would be but forgot about the boxes of brown and serve sausage just before serving.  So there was a small delay.   After everyone stuffed their faces they went outside to have an Easter egg hunt.   I admit, I skipped out on that one feeling only a teeny tiny bit guilty.  I used the time to sit down and drink a cup of coffee and relax, it had been a really busy morning.   I then grabbed a steak knife and the thrift store angora sweater I had dyed with the leftover Easter egg dye and headed outside to join everyone and enjoy the beautiful day.   You're probably thinking......WHAT were you doing with the steak knife and a sweater?.  I know a few of my older kids who aren't around much to see my madness were.  I was starting to reclaim the yarn from the sweater    It's a way to get expensive yarn for dirt cheap prices.  It's also a cheap way to have fun and experiment with  kool aid and food coloring.  I like to do it outside, especially the fluffier yarns because deconstructing can put lots of loose fibers in the air and it stirs up my allergies.

Most of the older kids left in the early afternoon for celebrations on the other side of the family.   Drew and Allison came back over to visit until Meghan graced us with a major blowout in the diaper department.   Unfortunately Allison had already used the extra diaper cover on a previous messy diaper so it left us a bit exposed to a possible wet diaper in the future.   Then Allison and I had the brilliant idea to convert a plastic grocery bag into a cover!  We made holes in the bottom of the bag for Meghan's legs and Allison tied the handles around her middle.    Drew decided it was probably a better idea to just head home anyways.   I couldn't help but think, in a few weeks they will be home!  Yes, it is official....they will be moving in by the end of the month.

That being said, I need to get off my rear end and start getting things in order and make room for them.  My mind keeps trying to trick me and jump into...What time is it!?!  Is it time to go out the door yet?  mode.  Only to remember...I'm not stepping foot out the door today!  Have a good one.

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Thia said...

Great improv on the diaper cover!