Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's stuck...

The smell of bleach is stuck in my nose and won't be leaving.  Tom treated the well and put too much in.  Now I'm afraid to do laundry for risk of bleaching everything out.   Carrie did her's and said it got some hard set stains out. lol    I keep telling everyone to hook up the pool filter and we'll throw the water in there....won't need to chlorinate it.   So what if we can't cook with it, at least it doesn't smell like rotten eggs now.   One thing that's bothered me with our water, no matter how much bleach I add to the washer, the clothes still come out looking grey.  While researching I found that it's the reaction to the BLEACH!  The thing I was adding to make it better was actually making it worse.  I saw a suggestion to use oxygenated bleach instead so maybe I'll try that.

One of the fun things about driving so much is observing life in the villages I drive through.  It's always great to see tons of people out walking, working and socializing.  It also makes me want to get some things done around here.   Now if I could work while I'm driving......I'd be all set. lol   I've decided the two things village/urban houses have over rural ones is convenience to places of importance and sidewalks.   I'm actually quite envious of people walking and biking on the sidewalks.  Oh to have a huge box of colored chalk and all the sidewalk squares you could want.  Oh well, at least I don't have to worry about keeping them cleared in the winter.

One more week until  Drew, Allison and Meghan will be living here.  I'm hoping tonight Tom and I can get the loft/bunkbeds up so people can move into their new rooms.  I'm still trying to figure out what to do with a toy bench and totes of toys.

I let myself get booted off the computer and am now in the middle of a bunch of projects.   I've decide that we'll be deviating from the meal plan and instead clean out the fridge/freezer and have a few fun things like rye bread dip and chicken wing dip.   So it'll be a snacky day.   I've torn 2 counters  and my stove apart and scrubbed them down,  cleaned the microwave and done the dishes once.  The next load of dishes is soaking and the laundry is screaming my name.  I think a few of us need some things done so we'll have clean clothes for the meeting tomorrow.    I convinced Tom to go pick up Liz and take Danielle.    I'd made a deal with Sean to help around here on Thursday to earn money so he could buy his own dorito taco on Friday.   He did and yesterday we went to taco bell and he ordered and paid for the taco himself (only thing we ordered, Liz and I just sat and watched him enjoy it lol).  So Danielle was a little bent out of shape over it.  I made the same deal with her and now it's her turn.  She's been a major bug about it all day, asking it if was time to leave.  Asking if she could go to taco bell now, etc.  She wasn't too enthusiastic about having to buy it herself but I'm sure she'll do fine.    I also gave Tom a few dollars of my birthday money so he could order one for himself.  :o)

Poor Liz, she just wants to get home and get things done.  She's packing up since Saturday is her last day of work at her old job.  She had an "interview" with the boss of the place she's suppose to be transferring to.  When she told me the hours she'd work I informed her that she couldn't do it, the buses don't run from the jobsite after 6ish (she's working until 8:30pm and AJ is usually working at that time).   We searched the bus schedules and checked cab fares ($36 a trip!?!  For a 10mile ride!?!?)  She's hoping when she calls the new place they'll have another job for her during the day time hours.  If not she'll be pounding the pavement, looking for a new job.  She's hoping she can be a waitress at one of the many restaurants that are in her area.

Oops...I thought I posted this but guess not since I found this in my drafts.   So just posting it as is right now.   Originally wrote this Saturday the 21st.   

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Thia said...

Bleach. Ug. We went through that last fall. A test showed bacteria in the well water, so we bombed it. Took over a week to clear! Our clothes sometimes have a brownish tint because of the hard water. We were just getting ready to invest in a softening system when we got word that there's a vote up for public water. So now we don't know what to do.