Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's almost that time

Right about now 28yrs ago I was getting irritated at Tom because he wanted to watch his favorite show Jeapordy and I was in heavy BACK labor for the first time in my life.  (not that having gone through it previously makes it easier)  Thankfully he thought it through and decided it might be better to turn it off and devote his attention to me.   Almost 2hrs later Drew was born.  (his birth story).   The poor kid is dealing has to celebrate his birthday all by himself.   He's in the Catskills working until tomorrow night.    When he gets home there'll be little rest in his future, we have a busy weekend ahead of us.   I'll be spending most of it in the car.

By tomorrow night I'll have taken at least one trip to Liz's new apartment, maybe 2.   Driven Liz and Val to work and picked them up.     Gone grocery shopping.    Taken the kids to the youth meeting.   Cleaned the bedroom Drew and Allison are moving into. Cleaned the bathtub.  And the regular, picking up, etc.  

Saturday starts with me taking Val to work by 7am, picking up Meghan at the apartment, getting my car loaded with stuff.   Home so the kids can empty the car and Tom can use it to go to the dump.   Then Tom, the boys and I are back in the car and back to the apartment by 11.   I get another load to take home, Tom and Drew go pick up the Uhaul.  They then fill it, take stuff that needs to go to storage to their unit and then the rest gets brought here to be unloaded.   In the meantime, I'm heading home to watch Meghan, finish the cleaning I didn't do, and make Drew Lasagna for his birthday dinner.   Val gets picked up from work at 2:30 and Liz goes in at 3:30.  Then it's back to pick up Liz at 8:30 for the last time and take her (and any stuff left here) to her apartment. Oh and the Uhaul has to be returned sometime that evening too.

The last thing we need to do is go back to the apartment Sunday night or Monday morning to clean the apartment and take pictures incase the stupid landlords try to keep the security deposit and they have to be brought to small claims court.

Tom's been busy this week setting up loft beds for the girls so rooms could be moved around.  They look cool, although I wish I'd had the time (and cooperation from the weather) to paint them before they were put up.

Well, as much as I'd like to continue the kids are wanting to read the new books I bought from the thrift store.   Maybe I'll get back here later and post about how I again aced the "mother of the year...not" award today.  

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