Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Time flies

When my mom called me to sing me Happy Birthday last week I asked her....does it make you feel old to have a 47yo daughter?  She said the feeling old didn't bother but the passage of time did.  I so get this.    Sean has gotten so independent (even though he can still insist on acting like a baby too), he keeps himself entertained with drawing, writing, building ramps for cars and playing in his own little world.   Wasn't he just born and demanding all my attention.....throwing me for a loop like I've never been thrown before?   Some girls are moving or planning on moving out very soon.   Weren't they just 3 and 4,  playing church with their baby dolls and booster seats?     While those hit me hard every once in a while what really hits me hard on a regular basis is reading blogs of my online friends.  Seeing pictures of kids that I don't see on a regular basis.  Ones that I remembers being  BORN and then to see them maturing into young men and ladies!    WOW!  Has it really been 11 years since I saw them in real life?  Have I known their moms for THAT long or longer!?!  It seems like yesterday we were all camping together.  

One of the greatest perks of being a mom to so many kids over such a long time span..... wisdom and experience.  To realize just how fleeting  and precious those early years are and to enjoy them more with the later kids.   The experience to realize a 2yo tantrum isn't a direct reflection on my parenting skills and it doesn't matter if anyone else agrees with that idea or not.   Sometimes I feel bad for the older kids to have gotten the less experienced, harsher and unrelaxed mom.  But then I think.......WAIT!  They got the mom who was energetic and fun! lol   The one who had first experiences right along with them.   Of course I still try to be the fun mom now but it's a different fun.   And I try to remember that as mind numbing as the 11th kindergarten function is......it's THIS child's first and only kindergarten function and just as special as the first time I sat through it.

Anyways, this weekend was a busy one.    I had a very nice birthday celebration on Thursday night with most of the kids here.  THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes from all my online friends!!!!   The kids bought pizza so I wouldn't have to cook.  Drew and Allison brought me flowers and another gift that I have to wait to be delivered.   Michelle bought me 2 tickets to a fundraiser at the MOST Museum on Saturday evening...a beer tasting extravaganza with her driving and picking us up so no worries of drinking and driving.   It was very fun grown up night!  Val bought me flower bulbs and Matt bought me a HUGE fly swatter which was a big hit for everyone.  (a new spanking stick!)  Tom gave me a $25 gift card to Home Depot then suggested I buy a new filter for the lawn tractor. lol  

Friday saw me driving the girls to work, grocery shopping and getting ready for the indoor garage sale the next day.  I tried to sit down and crochet some things but I couldn't, I shut down.     At least I had my fabric and craft supplies to sell.    I stayed up way too late getting everything ready and had to get up way to early to get to the sale.   We were at the sale by 7am to finish setting up and the people were waiting at the door for the start at 8.   It seems like everyone that sold garage sale stuff did well but the crafters didn't do too much.  Poor Allison didn't sell a single cowl.  I think it was bad timing.   We'd just finished up 2wks of summer weather and I don't think people were in the scarf/cowl buying mindset.  My fabric and Michelle's stuff went well.    After the sale I went home, threw in laundry so I'd have an outfit for the night and then took a nap.  I felt guilty but I was TIRED!   I woke up, got ready to leave and out the door we went on our date.   We were home by 10:30 which was way too early in my mind.  My body didn't agree and I was asleep on the couch with Danielle and Sean in no time.     Sunday was the meeting.  Tom dropped us off so he could take Val to work.  After he picked us up I was headed out the door to take Liz to work.   Then I headed to my parents' house.   We had to spill the beans on the surprise anniversary reception.  :o(    There was ONE problem we just couldn't get through without their input.  My dad is not happy.  He didn't want us to do this because of the money.   My mom now has something to fret about for a few months. lol   But it makes things a little bit easier for us (like making a play list).  Then it was back into the small city to pick up the girls.  Although I missed seeing them I was glad the little ones were in bed when I got home....again, after 10pm.  

Yesterday was my day off, both girls didn't have to work.   My head thought we would get a lot accomplished with no time limitations looming over us.  My body said...think again I'm sitting here and you can't make me get up!   I did start a crochet project though..  I think it might be a Christmas gift for one of my kids, so not saying right now.   Today Val went into work early this morning.  I'm picking Carrie up from school early so she can get her ID.  She needs it by Thursday since she'll be taking her GED test the day after we return from spring break.    I'm also going to renew my driver's license which was suppose to be done last Friday and totally slipped my mind until Saturday night.   Then it's to Aldi's for fruit for Danielle's class.  They're having their Easter party tomorrow and it's my turn to contribute.   Tom signed me up for cut up fruit during open house (I was at the ER with Olivia who had a fondue fork in her foot).  When I asked him WHY!?!!   Why couldn't he sign me up for something easy like paper plates and cups or juice he said there wasn't anything else to sign up for.  So I'll cut him some slack, but GRRRRR!  and cha-ching!

I am counting down the minutes until Spring Break starts!   Come oooon vacation!  But now it's time to get ready to get out the door.


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