Thursday, September 13, 2012

I knew it

When I wrote about Sean not getting a yellow card I almost took it back, didn't want to jinx him/myself.   Wouldn't you know it, in his folder today had a note from his teacher.  It seems he had a rough afternoon with pushing in line and not cooperating with the teacher.   When I talked to him about it all he said was....Mrs P is wrong!   That note is wrong!   According to him he was pushed and fell into another kid.   OK...I might give him that.  I know it's easier to see the second act then the first so maybe what she saw was a result of a push.   I explained it doesn't address the not cooperating with his teacher.  He still insisted she was wrong.   So we talked about the next time and how there shouldn't be a next time and the consequences if there is a next time.   We also talked about stating someone wasn't telling the truth when they were and how it could have a negative effect on the person and get them in trouble.

Hi Thia! That's the thing with me....I have NO excuse.   I already have a meal/calorie plan made out.  It was the gestational diabetes guidelines I followed with Danielle.   I won't say it's easy to follow since sometimes I felt like it was a full time job.   Eating every 2.5 to 3 hrs I was either planning, thinking of, fixing food or eating.   But I know it's doable and it works!   I lost weight when I was pregnant (with dr's ok) and I felt the best I had in a looong time.   Now I just have to get off my fanny and do it, well and buy food for it too.  Right now it's the day before payday and things are looking quite carby. lol  

Hi Tammy!  I've missed blogging and my online friends too.   Thanks for sticking around (you too Thia!)  UGH on the no show real estate agent!   At least my thing is a one shot deal.   I'm hoping today the fridge will be here and I won't have to wait on them again.   I'm not holding my breath though.   Timeframe I was given ends in less then an hour.  I just want a working fridge!

So here I sit, again time is ticking.  I don't feel like I can get into any deep cleaning because the delivery people could/should be here at any second.   I do have a list to take care of before tomorrow morning since I won't be here to get things going.   Then who knows if Carrie and I will be coming home tomorrow so I probably should set up a ride for Luke and Jake to get to the Dome for fundraising on Saturday.   (decided to get that done just now....yay me!)

Liz and AJ just got back from a trip down south.  AJ's brother came home this week from Afghanistan.   On the way home AJ found out he was accepted in the Navy's nuke program!  WOOOHOOO!   Congrats AJ!   Looks like he'll be sticking around a bit longer then he thought he would.  As of now basic will start sometime around April.  

Hmmmm this thing has sat here all day without getting published.   It's now 4pm and guess fridge!  I looked online and my acct says delivery is the 19th now!!!!   Guess who's on the phone looking for some heads to roll.   GRRRR!    Lovely on hold music at least.    Apparently it's a mistake.  The local delivery company coordinator was scanning things and it got put on my order.   Fridge is on the truck and scheduled between 3 and 7pm today.   We'll see.....we'll see.

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~Tammy~ said...

Oh I hope your shiny new fridge is all installed and cooling away by now!
And prayers for Carrie! May she be well ASAP!