Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A whole day wasted

GRRRR!  I waited all day yesterday for my new fridge to be delivered and it never got here!   Now what am  I suppose to do?   Stay home all day today and wait again?   I have to sign for the thing and there was no exact delivery time, just Sept 10th between 6am and 6pm.   So now I'm on the phone with the delivery company while they try to figure out what happened to yesterday's deliveries.  

The kids were so excited to be getting a fridge.  For the last month or so we've been using the freezer for the fridge while I got up the guts to hit the checkout button on such a costly purchase.  It only took about 5 shopping sessions before it actually happened.  What they're really excited about though is the ice maker!!!!   We've never had one and we're all ice crunchers.   Danielle can't wait to use the ice cream machine I bought her for her birthday .

DOUBLE GRRRR!   Off the phone and not happy.   Apparently the local shipping company didn't have my paperwork.   Nothing came with the fridge.  So you have a fridge with no instructions on it.  Didn't anyone think....we should find out what to do with this!?!?!?  According to them they couldn't even print off my slip because it's "waiting on credit approval".   Ummm the thing has been paid for since the 31st....you got it at your warehouse on the 5th.   But I guess that's not necessarily true either, even though my tracking info says so.   Then lo and behold while on the phone someone told her they do have it there.   Now I can't get it until Thursday.   Talk about a total let down.  And I'm going to have to be home again all day on Thursday.  I have a call into the company I purchased this from.  I feel there's no way I should be charged the full $100 shipping fee after all this.  Now I'm waiting to hear from the customer reps supervisor who's due in at noon.

Oh well, to be honest I can't call it a total waste of a day.  I did manage to get some work done around here between running Val to and from work and looking out the window to see the if the imaginary truck was pulling in.  The shower I don't even use is cleaner as is the bathroom.  I threw some bedding in the wash so that piles a tad bit smaller.  Since I won't be looking for any trucks or driving today maybe I can get even more work done.   Right now the livingroom is bugging me and the perpetual pile of dishes in the sink is demanding some attention.   I've been starting to think about crocheting and sewing for Christmas.   No set plans but once I get things done here I can concentrate on that.   My thought is to try and deep clean one area a day.  By the end of the week my place should be halfway decent.  (not including my bedroom...I think that'll take more then a day)

Schoolwise we seem to be doing ok.   Everyone has gotten up and gone everyday.   Sean is starting to learn the names of his classmates.    He really seems to enjoy going and the structure of it...something sorely lacking here.   Danielle is adjusting to having homework almost every day.  It's usually just a quick paper but it's hard for her to not get distracted.  Plus once or twice we've forgotten about it until almost bedtime which doesn't help with concentration.  One day Sean wanted to do homework so we erased Danielle's seatwork from class (almost the same paper she had for homework) and let Sean go at it.  He thought he had gotten a treat. Reminds me of how Drew would check his math homework by having Pat do the problem too...if their answers matched, it was right.

Me home alone wise....I seem to manage wasting time just fine thankyouverymuch! lol   I went and visited with Della on Thursday and then out to lunch with some friends from church on Friday.  (not that those were wastes of time).   I really need to crack down on myself here.   No more wasting so much time online.    I need to get things done and be productive!   I'm thinking of applying for a job at the local grocery store after Carrie's surgery and medical issues are done.   Optimally I'd work 10am to 2pm (maybe 3) on the weekdays only but I know that's probably not going to happen.   Speaking of work,  I wonder how Allison's first day of training went and how things are going staying with my parents.  (who leave for their trip tomorrow!)  I'll have to text them when I get off here.  

Carrie surgery is set for this Friday morning.  Prayers would be appreciated....no only for the surgery but that she can stay healthy this week and not postpone this thing.   Thanks.   And now to get something done around here.  Have a great day everyone!   

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~Tammy~ said...

I know the annoyance of waiting allll daaaay for something that didn't happen. Like the real estate agent coming by with a person to see the house. (We rent a house that is on the market... has been for most of the 8 years we have lived in it!)
They didn't show... and never even gave us a courtesy call to say they were not coming.
We had held off cooking supper, had the house as 'spotless' as it is ever going to be... and they don't show.
I am glad you are blogging again, I have missed you.