Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Wow that was fast

I couldn't get over how fast the day went.  I also couldn't believe how little I actually bathroom cleaned and a few dishes done.   *heavy sigh*    I sat at the computer way too long.  I'll cut myself some slack but can't let it become status quo.   I won't be getting much done around here today either other than lots of driving.   I've already driven Val to work, then at 1 I have to drive into the small city to pick up Carrie at her school.  From there we head into the big city for her doctor's appointment.  Then back to the small city to pick up Val and then home.  The gas companies love me.

I have to mind has been bringing me places I really don't want to go in terms of Carrie and how she's faring.    The constant nausea and vomiting really has me worried.  When is losing weight too much for a system and when do you step in and do something for it and what is that something?   Last night I almost convinced myself it wasn't the medicine that was making her throw up that it was the size of the pills/food.  That she probably has an obstruction...really read cancer.   I know my friend who is an esophageal cancer survivor got that look on his face when I mentioned what was going on with Carrie eating wise.  Stupid mind!!!   Like the girl hasn't been gone over with a fine tooth comb a bazillion times already.  Still, it sucks to have that at the back of your mind every time something wrong goes on for longer then you think it should.

Anyways back to reality here.   The kids all seemed to have had a good first day.   When asked if he met anyone Sean said yes, lots of people.   When asked who he played with he said....EVERYONE!  Just don't ask him anyone's name. lol    Danielle wasn't as excited to be back as Sean was but I've seen that before in 1st graders.  It's an adjustment to being a big school girl now.    She still had fun and was eager to get ready this morning.   Olivia is excited that she has her cousin in a lot of her classes.    Eileen complained of a slight stomachache all day and still had it this morning.   I thought...oh great here we go, but she went to school no problems.   Jake  was Jake and everything was hunky dory.    Carrie had a lot of running around to do and was exhausted.  She's anxious to get her hands on the little kids (she's taking an early childhood education course at the occupational center).  

I've come to realize.... it's all me.   The ADD type actions from me aren't because I have ALL THESE KIDS distracting  me or demanding my attention.  Even home alone I seem to flit from task to task forgetting what I was originally doing and leaving it half finished.   Who knew.  So my apologies to my kids, it's not you, it's me.   lol

Awww, my coffee cup is empty.  Guess that means it's time to get up, switch laundry over and get something done before I have to go out the door in 2hrs.   Have a great one.          

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