Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Feeling a bit ungrateful

Written yesterday afternoon....

Now that I've posted my last post and gotten to work around here I'm feeling a bit like a spoiled rotten American.   Especially after having my heart drop into my stomach when I heard but couldn't see the tv in Val's room sounding off an emergency broadcast signal.   It was just a test...phew!  But BAD idea to the station manager!!!   Any other day, but NOT today.  (9/11)  To say it was a jolt and a reminder of what we have here and how some would like to take it away is an understatement.

And now today.....

I sent Sean on the bus, skipping and dancing, proclaiming.... I LOVE SCHOOL!   I'm glad he's adjusting really well.   He was happy to report last night that he hasn't gotten a yellow card which was one of his biggest fears.   PHEW!  One week down...39 more to go.  

My parents should be on the road by now.   I was tempted to call first thing this morning and see if they were gone yet but I didn't.   I wish my mom knew how to text.  She can read them but since she doesn't know how to respond she'd prefer I didn't send her any notes.   She has a really old and basic phone that makes texting hard and confusing (even for me)  so I don't blame her.   Still it would be nice to get a note saying...just crossed Ohio border and such.   I told her she needed to start a blog so  we could follow them. LOL!!!   Drew just called me.   My parents left but after 10 minutes on the Thruway they had to head back.  Seems they forgot their checkbook.    I talked to my mom while she was in the driveway.  She reported that my dad ran the first red light they came to.  One he's traveled under a zillion times in his life.   Everyone's been joking they wouldn't make it to Buffalo and my parents proved them wrong...they didn't even  make it that far!   Oh they are in for the time of their life!

I was in the bathroom this morning and the phone rang.   I missed the call and wouldn't you know it was the one phone call I was waiting for...Carrie's anesthesia interview for her surgery on Friday.   I called them back before sitting here and left a message, they just called thing off my todo list.  Now I'm waiting on a call back from the Joslin Center to hear what to do with her insulin Friday morning.  Her surgery has been moved up an hour so I won't be here when the kids get ready and go to school.   Luke will be filling in for me instead.   At least Danielle is ok with doing her own hair.   The thought of Luke trying to do it makes me chuckle.   Now if we can just get through this without being admitted and anymore complications that would be awesome!  This girl needs to start feeling better...NOW!   Prayers would be appreciated.

I never called or texted  Allison to see how things were going.   I asked Drew and in typical guy fashion his answer was short, sweet and nonchalant although he mentioned they had Subway for lunch on Monday.  It's always about the food.   I could hear Meghan in the background asking if he was talking to Momma.   Awwww I miss the little squirt!

I'm having a hard time adjusting to cooking for one during the day.   It's just not worth the effort.  So I'm grabbing and snacking instead.  NOT a good thing if I want to eat healthy.   I mean 4 slices of cheese while I'm on the phone with Drew? UGH.   And I'm still hungry...or is that thirsty...or bored.   *heavy sigh*   I have to get with the program.   I was looking at pictures at my parents the other day, one of which was my wedding photo and it hit me...I am 100lbs heavier then that picture.   I don't ever expect or want to get back to that weight.  But 60lbs less would be nice, I'd even take 30 at this point.  I can't even remember the last time I was 60lb less.   I know when I was pregnant with Danielle I was about 25lbs less then I am right now.  I felt so good and healthy back then.  Time to get committed to following my gestational diabetes diet plan again, although I'm thinking of trying the original 1800 calorie one instead of the 2000 one.   Even though following the higher one would still be an improvement over what I'm doing now.   And of course there's exercising.  No excuses anymore...I have tons of free time.   Time that I seem to be wasting lately but it's there waiting to be utilized!  And it helps that Drew took his amp and speaker for his guitar out of the kitchen, allowing me to unfold the treadmill easily.   NOW DO IT!

OK..enough seat time.  Time to get something done around here!   Dinner has to be early as the kids have their first autumn activity club meeting tonight.   They are so excited!  It'll be interesting to see how it works out having it on a school night.    Have a good one!

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Thia said...

I understand about the weight. I am at least 60lb heavier than I was when I got married. Sigh. I tried cutting my breakfast down (7:30am) and was STARVING by 1130. I really should figure out some calorie guidelines, but that seems like too much work.