Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A new era begins

Today was the first day of school here and I just sent my baby to Kindergarten!  Waaahhhh!    The silence here is deafening.   I thought I'd enjoy having some time to concentrate on myself but I'm finding myself a bit lost already.  Here's some pictures....

1st trip kids
Carrie, Jake, Eileen and Olivia
Sean showing his excitement for the day.

2nd trip kids
Danielle and Sean paying more attention to 
each other then mom and the camera

Danielle and Sean sitting on the porch waiting for the bus.

I told Meghan I was going to be bugging her all day because I didn't have anyone else to bug.    But they'll only be here for a few more days.  On Saturday they are going to my parents' house for 6 - 8 wks.  They're housesitting while my parents take a cross country trip to celebrate their 50th anniversary.   My parents are traveling west along Route 20, going south along the western coastline, east along Route 66 and then  head back north to home.   No set itinerary, no time restraints...just go when and where they feel like it.   I hope it's as relaxing, fun and exciting as it sounds to be.  

Other news for Drew and Allison is...Allison is starting a new job as a bank teller...part time...training starts Monday.  Drew is still looking for a job so he'll be watching Meghan.  Once he gets a job then I think I'll be watching her.  Oh poor me.  lol  In April I announced that Drew and Allison were expecting.  Unfortunately it wasn't to be, Allison had a miscarriage.  :o(    Hopefully they'll be expecting another new blessing in the very near future....maybe by the time they move back in here.  *fingers crossed*  

I don't think I've shared here that Pat and Alex are expecting!  They're due in the middle of January and just found out they are having a boy.   I told Pat that I can't wait to meet Dylan.  I don't think he thought it was as funny as I did.  When I was pregnant for Sean, Pat kept insisting his name was going to be Dylan and he was going to call him Dylan even if we didn't name him that.   For a few weeks Alex (who had just started dating Pat) thought Sean's name was Dylan...until we set her straight.   Karma sucks.  ;o)

More exciting news I haven't shared yet...Liz is engaged!   A wedding date is up in the air and will probably happen with very little notice.   Her fiance has joined the Navy and is waiting to find out when basic training starts.  They'll either be getting married between basic training and the start of school (very narrow window of time) or once he starts school.   He has to find out the logistics of everything first....and whether he's been accepted into the nuke program.  

Even with Drew, Allison and Meghan gone I won't be home alone.  Luke will be here during the day since he isn't employed at the moment.  He's been working sporadically for family but nothing lately.   He's trying to decide between actively seeking employment or working at our church while they're doing major construction.   I'm hoping he picks the church work.   Then there's Val, she's gone most of the time since she's working full time at Total Tan still.  NO she is not driving and YES I knew that it was probably a farfetched idea to think she'd have her license by the start of summer.   Now I'm shooting for the end of fall.  I really don't want to drive in the snow!   Now to motivate those around me to see that it gets done.  It won't take her long to get her license since she does drive her boyfriend's car occasionally.   It's just finding the time to refine her skills that's the problem.

So everyone asks...What are you going to do now that everyone is in school?   I'm looking around the house and seeing a LOT that I can do.   Then it hits me...I have no excuse for not having a spotless house now...At least until the bus pulls up in the afternoon.   It should stay clean once I get it clean.   Now how truly lazy I am will be revealed.  Although I do have grand plans...walks and swimming at the rec center, eating healthier, completing exercise videos that have been collecting dust, etc.   No...no employment or schooling plans for the near future.   I'd like to enjoy this new era of my life a bit and give us all a time to adjust before I think about those.  Plus our church main fundraiser, working a concession stand at the Carrier Dome is starting.  There's NO WAY I could work and give as much time as I wanted toward that venture.  Of course if I really needed to work, that'd be a different story.  Another income would be nice and help alleviate some things around here although it isn't imperative.  We'll see how things stand after the first of the year and with the start of the Spring college courses.

Oh I need to update on Carrie.  I wish I could say she is doing well but she's not.  The poor thing has had a horrible summer.   She's on major antifungal medicine and her system isn't dealing with it well.  It's making her have no appetite and throw up....even with tons of Zofran in her.  She's lost 20lbs since this whole thing started and looks like crap.  Sorry but there's no other way to put it.  It's very obvious she doesn't feel well.  We can't stop or lower the meds or the yeast infection flares up.  Even if she misses a dose it does.   We're walking a thin rope in a vicious circle. If the yeast isn't controlled she can't have the kidney stone blasted and the stent remove.   And it's the stone and stent that are feeding the yeast back into her system.   To add insult to injury she's dealing with a bacterial infection again too.  And again she's having a hard time keeping the antibiotics down.   There's been talk of going to option B which is to keep her inpatient with IV meds until everything is cleared for the timeframe they want it cleared (weeks).   So keep her in your prayers please.

Now I must extract my rearend from this chair and get some things done around here.     Hope everyone has a good day.   

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Thia said...

WOW. Life is just F.U.L.L. for you! I do hope you take some of your new found time to relax and crochet a bit or just stare out the window. Good to hear from you again.