Saturday, September 15, 2012

I tried

I was so excited last night...I could sleep in.  No school, Val doesn't go to work until 11:30 and nothing else planned for the day.  Yet here I am at 6:15, laundry in, coffee made and raring to go.  I tossed and turned for hours before getting up too.   When I first woke up it was pitch dark outside then I'd doze and see it's still not very bright out.   I was afraid of getting up and waking up the kids who had climbed into the bed last night, especially Sean.   Nothing against him, he's just an early riser and is running from the get go.   I'd thought to take a walk but it was pretty foggy out and now the clouds are pretty black.   I guess I could clean off and unfold the threadmill but that might wake someone up.  I know...excuses excuses....I have a ton of them!

So Carrie didn't need to spend the night in the hospital!  YAY!!!  I was waiting for the dr to come in soon after starting and tell me he cancelled due to an infection but he didn't.   I was getting nervous after the dr didn't come talk to me and twice the time had passed as I was told it would take.   Then I got a little slice of perspective when the dad sitting a few seats down from me started talking.  Him and his daughter had been there since Tues, her kidneys had shut down and she was on dialysis.   She was in surgery getting a biopsy done and stents placed so she could do outpatient dialysis.  Then the surgeon came in....he cancelled the surgery.  Seems they knicked  her skin to test her clotting response and she didn't stop bleeding.   Oh wow poor thing!   Recovery called me back soon after hearing that.   It was very good to see Carrie sitting up drinking water with a relatively happy face.   The dr blasted the stone and got the stent out.   He said there are still fragments to pass so she'll be in pain for a few days but it should lessen as the days go on.  He also pointed out that her ureter is very narrow even after having the stent in (treatment for narrow ureter).   So much so that he had a hard time getting his instruments in.  Not sure exactly what that means for her future, I guess we'll talk about it at her post-op appt.     While she did fine in the hospital after surgery, the way home was a bit rougher with her throwing up a few times.   She called it an early night and went to bed shortly after getting home.   Right now I'm slightly panicked as I can't seem to locate her latest bottle of antifungal pills.   Infectious disease wants her to take them for 3 weeks more,  I only have 3 days worth in her pill box.    So pill bottle hunting will be at the top of my list today.  The good thing about it is that it'll most likely prompt some cleaning/decluttering.   Unless of course Carrie wakes up and I find out she has it.    Then it's back to slob central here.  lol

I've been extremely distracted since starting this.  Sean has gotten up and has gotten in tons of lap/cuddle time.  One of the first things he said was...Can we go to Aunt Della's again!!   My sister-in-law Della picked up Danielle and Sean after school and took them to her house.   As usual they had a blast there and are raring to visit again.   I assured him he could but not right now.   To which he said...yeah when we go back to school so I can have a note to give to the teacher again.   So Thank You Della!    I also have to thank her since she stopped by Thursday night after dropping the kids off at soccer practice to ask if I wanted to go for a walk.   I was so glad she did since I'd already had the thought to finish making dinner and call her to see if she wanted to walk around the church grounds while the kids practice.  Knowing how busy it was here though I don't think I'd have ever gotten to it.  So it was nice to just drop everything, throw on my sneaks, say stay here we'll be back later and just go.   We walked for about a mile and half and talked the entire time.   I could feel it in my hips and thought I'd be sore on Friday but I wasn't.   It's given more motivation to get up and actually do it.  (I'd been complaining about knowing what I need to do but just not doing it)   She's been such an inspiration to me, even if I haven't done what I need to do yet.   If you want to visit her and be inspired too her blog is the first one on my blogroll in the sidebar.

This has become looong and is taking forever for me to finish. (2.5 hrs later)   Danielle, Jake and Tom are up now and I've been in and out of my seat at least a dozen times.    So I'm going to end things here even if I had other stuff to ramble on about.        


Thia said...

Glad the surgery went well.

ZhLeet said...

I like your blog and I like the surgery had a positive result.