Monday, April 17, 2006

Poor Michelle

I called for a dr appt for her as soon as all the school kids were out the door. She packed a "just incase" hospital bag and we were out the door at 10am. Just before leaving the largest sore started was gross. She didn't register a fever at the dr and I wasn't sure if she'd had one this weekend or not.

The dr decided since her body was doing what it was suppose to be doing (fighting bacteria, making pus and draining) so we'd just encourage them. He stopped one antibiotic and started a third (but she's still only taking 2 at one time). He lanced and drained them in the office. I felt like a terrible mother sitting there and watching Michelle crying and shaking in pain while he squeezed the junk out of the sores. It took quite a while to do it. Michelle was so upset, it took at least 10mins before she could compose herself enough to walk out of the examining room.

He did cultures on what he expressed from her sores, the results should be back by Wed. He gave us enough samples of the new antibiotics to last until Thurs. He should be calling with the lab results by then. If not, then I'm to call before filling her script. He wants the results to make sure he's using the right meds to fight this. If she's not improved by Thurs we'll be rethinking admitting her again.
Michelle is SO sick of this. She wants to do whatever it takes to get rid of these germs and make sure they never come back! Even if it's spending some time in the hospital. Today I was wondering if she thought...just admit me. Don't touch me, just admit me! lol For all I know she may still be thinking it. It is pretty tedious and gross to be dealing with draining lesions like she has. I felt like I bought everything in the first aid aisle...except the hydrogen peroxide that I specifically went in there for!

It doesn't look like Tom's mom will be moving to a nursing home yet. Her heart enzymes are still high (normal after an episode like she had on Wed) and her feet aren't looking so great. She has NO circulation in them due to diabetes complications. They don't want to move her until they can improve their condition. I'm just hoping she doesn't have to lose anything because of it.

The dr seemed very pleased with the angioplasty done on Thurs. He hasn't said that about too many of them he's done on her. (some dr's won't touch her because she's so fragile heartwise) So that's encouraging! FIL was admitted this morning for his next round of chemo. I'm hoping MIL got an opportunity to be wheeled up to see him. :o) Tom is up there now. He is so stressed...I can't wait until his test is over on the 26th. He's said a few times.....I wish the test was sooner. He knows all he needs to know, he's just stressing himself out more by trying to study more. If he could just do the test he'd be fine.

We're back into the daily grind here. UGH! Yes, I hate sending my kids out the door in the morning. Most people can't understand that stance, afterall it has to be a LOT quieter here with them gone. I admit it is but the fact is...I'm LAZY! Plain and simple. I don't want to do the work in the evening of making sure they eat at a decent time, get into bed at a decent time, do homework before they go to bed. I don't want to do the work in the morning of waking them up...some more then once, convincing them they WANT to go to school, insisting they go to school, getting their clothes out and sometimes shoving noodle limbs in them, and finally racing the clock to get out the door no matter how early or eagerly they got ready. Our clock is sneaky like minute it says they have 10 minutes to get out the door...the next minute it's saying they should've been out the door 3 minutes ago! They actually do pretty well and rarely leave the bus driver waiting, or miss it all together.


Paula said...

I agree! I hate the school grind, too, and I do enjoy having them around. I have been thinking about homeschooling a lot lately!

Hope the dr. can find the right drug and help Michelle kick this once and for all!

Jody said...

I am so sorry about Michelle. Ouch!! Poor baby. Sounds like you guys are on the right track to fighting her infection.

Oh, and I really like your new look here! Very clean and easy to read!

Lisa said...

Poor MIchelle. I hope the new anti-biotics do the trick. You know I hate school too. Six more weeks and we're through, if I make it that far.

Mel said...

I have a clock like that. It skips ten whole minutes at a time!