Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Watching the needle

I couldn't help it. I kept finding myself watching the gas needle going down and down all afternoon yesterday...and cringing. But it had to be done. I tried to not think about it when I put another $50 in the tank on the way home ($142 and 9 out of 14 days to go in this payperiod...every 2wks)

I was a bit miffed when I found out the reason they needed Carrie to come back in. It wasn't that they forgot a test, it wasn't that her results were off and they needed to recheck them. It was because the courier for the hospital forgot Carrie's vial on his last pickup....and only Carrie's. I felt so bad for her since it was a hard and therefore painful stick. As usual though, she was a trooper.

I picked up everyone at school, the only one missing was Pat who we replaced with Michelle's boyfriend C. The nurses at the clinic went gaagaa over everyone. I heard how I looked too young to be the mom and blended right in with them :oD Flattery WILL get you far. I was also classified as a saint. The nurse that made the saint comment is #4 of 8 kids and has 4 of her own. She loves being from a big family! The kids were complimented on how well behaved they were. One of the nurses got a kick out of Drew's aloof answer..."yeah she's ok I guess" when she said something about Danielle being adorable. She then pointed out to everyone that HE was the one holding and lovin on her. lol

We met Tom at my parents' house after he was done at work. I was pleasantly surprised to find one of my cousins there also. He is visiting from Florida for the week and was stopping in on all his aunts and uncles. It was nice seeing him, too bad it was only for a few minutes.

We crammed back into the van and headed up to visit MIL. It was a nice visit and she seems happy and relaxed where she is. She's also ecstatic since they mentioned her going home next Tues! They are surprised how strong she is. There was mention of if she gets more strength back in her legs they may balloon them to try to increase her circulation. So good news! I didn't get to visit as long as I wanted to. It was just before dinner and they kids didn't have a lot to do. So when dinner set up was completed, we left.

We headed back to my parents to figure out what to do for dinner. My mom had figured to make a few pounds of spaghetti and salad. We'd just had goulash and I wasn't too thrilled to be doing pasta again. Tom got Kentucky Fried Chicken in his head so KFC it was. We hadn't had KFC in a while and it was enjoyed by all. I could tell Tom was antsy to get home and study some more. My dad tried to ease his mind telling him...if you don't know it now, studying won't help you. I think it wasn't what he wanted to hear. It's true....he knows this stuff backwards and forwards!!!!! I have to give him credit though. He did try to break away from it when I knew he really wanted to be inside his book. He did leave a bit earlier then us and was in his truck studying when we pulled into the driveway.

I'm SO glad today is the test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (actually in the middle of it right now)
It will be nice to have him back. I'm a bit afraid he'll still be preoccupied with it until he gets the results back...then he'll be trying to figure out what he missed and studying up on it.

Today is Drew's birthday! He turns 22! (I was getting ready to go to the hospital right about this time...had almost 12hrs left to go lol) I'm not entirely sure what we're going to do for him. I think he may want to go out to lunch (although it's getting a bit late for that). I might make cupcakes, Asian beef (or beef and broccoli stirfry), and lo mein. I have a pkg of fortune cookies hidden in the cupboard. :o) I ordered him a new (and cheap) cellphone that should be delivered today. I'm not sure if that's his b-day present or not. He's also drooling over a new basketball to use at the rec center. What i really want/wish I could do is pay for a rec center membership for him. As of today he isn't covered under our family plan. He's the one that uses it the most...taking his siblings with him. It's too much $$ for a birthday present and with him not having a lotta cash on's not high on his priority list right now. (for some reason getting his car fixed trumps the rec center lol)

OH and Tom found out that the union LOST the contract vote on Monday. So they're back to working without a contract again. :o( Seems quite a few people couldn't accept our copays going up. I want to clobber them...they have GREAT insurance! Copays are $10 now, would've gone up to $12 for kids, $15 for year going up a few more dollars again. Yeah it would've meant a big difference for our family but it's still WAY better then a lot of people are paying. We'd also be getting 2006 wages (meaning a raise) instead of 2004 (or is it 2003?)! I think now they'll be forced into mediation and we'll HAVE to accept whatever the mediator thinks is best. That gives the county the upperhand. My guess is that it'll be worse then the deal they were offered on Monday. I was SO looking forward to the check he'd get for his retroactive pay. :o(

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