Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Things are looking up

Michelle is feeling much better. The new antibiotics seem to be working with draining her sores. She hasn't had significant drainage from them since yesterday afternoon. She can even walk around without her bandages on. :oD We've talked to the dr and it looks like the cultures agree with us, we're on the right track. So tomorrow we'll run into the city and get her prescription filled. Hopefully by next week she'll be done with this forever! Michelle has asked me to take her around so she can fill out applications tomorrow. I agreed since we have to run out and get her prescription filled. We have to do as much as we can while we're out since gas prices hit $3.099/gal here as of last night!!! I know my Canadian and European friends are saying...what are ya whining for!?!!? But I'm going to do it just this once....YIKES!

The week is flying by! Tom's mom is suppose to be transfered to the nursing home today. Although no one has heard she has for sure. The weather is turning nice again. I'm not sure if he's coming home tonight or not. I keep saying I'm going to go out but haven't gotten out too much yet. My front flower garden is looking pretty sad. I bought 2 new hoses for the pool filter! It looks like it survived the winter well. The goal right now is to start filling it so we can get the filter up and running. Clean it and keep the solar cover on it so come May we can use it if there are some unseasonably warm days!!! My fingers are crossed that we'll be able to get a WHOLE season out of it this year. Oh yeah, still have to build the deck to pool ladder. At least this year I'll be able to get myself out of the pool...unlike last year! LOL

I'm driving myself crazy. I keep looking around and thinking of all these projects/improvements I'd like to make around here. I'm in my...this place would be much better if I had shelves, drawers, and counters/workspace mood. I'm in my...I want to get some sewing done mood. I'm in my...this place needs a coat of paint, mood. And we can't forget my...we need to plant some more plants/trees/bushes around here, mood. Notice what's missing? The...I need to get some major cleaning around here done mood! All these moods and yet here I sit. Needless to say, I don't get a stinkin thing done!

I want the old me back. The one that liked to get up and MOVE and get things accomplished in a heartbeat. The one that could start at one end of a room and have the entire place spic and span in a matter of an hour. The one that was hardly home and toted all the kids everywhere by herself. The one that would sew matching outfits for each of the girls (although I don't think my girls would appreciate meeting that one now lol) The one that worked like a man alongside her dh and bils while building the house.

I often wonder what it was that changed me. Was it having TOK? Getting older? Getting this flickering box I'm on? Hitting major depression after Carrie's transplant? Oh well...the only I can do about it is CHANGE it! Stop making excuses, get up and get moving. Stop thinking of it and DO IT!

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