Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Second Class Citizen

That's what I'm classified as in Danielle's eyes. She's in LOVE with Michelle! If she hears Michelle talk or gets one peek of her moving...she cries. It's not just a cry, it's a throw your hands down and lock your elbows while your whole body shakes dramatically cry. Why? Because Michelle isn't coming over and getting her or paying attention to her. It's cute but I tend to feel sorry for Michelle at times. Afterall, Michelle didn't decide to have a baby (well, neither did just happened...but you know what I mean!). If Michelle has Danielle and I try to take her, she clings to Michelle and whines this fake cry with her nose crinkled up for effect. Unless she's hungry, then she's all for going back to mommy.

Thinking about it now I realize she does the same thing to Tom. Although she'll come back to me a lot quicker and easier then she will from Michelle. It's neat that she's so gaagaa over her dad. It's the first time that one of the babies jumped out of my arms or cried for Dad. Tom is loving it.

She is one of my more social babies. She loves it when the kids take her around the house and do things with her. At least with them she tends to get sick of it after a while and shows a preference toward me. She's also one of the biggest actress we've had, and she knows it! Her famous moves so far...

* The nice whomever pat. When she hugs someone she says awwwwww and pats their back or arm.

* The gimme grunt. Less dramatic version of her trying to get Michelle to pick her up. Hands down, elbows locks said with a huge HUHHH.

* FEED ME! While sitting in her exersaucer or on someone's lap at a table. She slaps the table. If that's not a clear enough message you have to add in a snort, still not clear enough...add in a whine too.

* The UHOH look. When someone says uhoh, oh no, or oops...or whenever she thinks she needs to look cute, she makes an elongated oval with her mouth, drawing it down as far as she can. Like a Little Rascals character.

* I know I'm cute. When she's trying to be really cute, beyond cuteness she smiles a huge smile, and tips her head back...can come with or without a crinkled up nose for effect. The tiny bottom teeth coming in make it even cuter.

* Tooter. If she passes gas and someone says something about it or looks at her she partially stinks her tongue out and makes a pftttt sound while laughing.

* Stinky pants. Tell her she's stinky and she'll respond with kkkkkkkkk. Then again, she may be just trying to call the kitty. lol

* Poor pathetic me. When needing to call attention to herself she whines. If she realizes someone is looking at her...she adds in either a look down her nose, crinkles her nose or both.

* How DARE you! This is the look of indignation she gets after she realized the tissue won in the nose wiping war.

* Oh pretty/cool/nice/exciting! This is most easily seen while being held facing away from someone. Hands and feet flail a mile a minute, the more exciting the faster they go. Verbal reactions vary between nothing, snort, squeal or belly laugh.

* I'm gonna get really I am. Place her on the floor and watch the fun. She gets her knees under her, almost immediately falls back down to her belly. Then she proceeds to push herself backwards. After a few attempts she screams for someone to get her to whatever she was aiming for in the first place.

I'd share all this drama/cuteness with you but it seems our camera's memory card seems to be missing. HOW can a memory card disappear like that...I have no clue! As soon as I get the blasted thing back...I'll share...I promise.


truth said...

Ahhh...what a joy she is! I am sure she keeps everyone entertained. That is too funny that she is so attached to Michelle.

Paula said...

Anya is the same way with her sister Jasmine, who adores her but does tire of it sometimes. She would like to read or eat or play the piano or do homework without a toddler on her lap. Usuallly she just has to leave the room! But she is too sympathetic--when Anya screams and cries after she walks away, she comes back to comfort her! I've tried telling her this just reinforces the behavior, to no avail.