Sunday, April 30, 2006

Quiet weekend

Most of the kids were gone for most of the weekend. It was so different here! Carrie and Liz spent the night over at church. Olivia, Eileen and Jake went over at 8:30 am until 9pm. They've joined the choir and it was their first practice. There were about 80 kids from the northeast US and Canada there. They had a great time and were exhausted. They still ran out the door at 8:30 again today so they could get back there. Today only went to noon so that everyone had time to drive back home. Some kids are showing the strain of going so hard and are crying about and over everything.

It's been beautiful here weatherwise. I hardly got out though. I plan to get out when I'm done with perennial garden is pitiful...the weeds are winning! Yesterday Tom and Drew were gone most of the day too. They were at a friends house so he could work on Drew's car. It wasn't quite what they thought it was and as normal, took longer to fix then they'd planned. Tom called in the afternoon and told me one of his brothers was coming out. No biggie, he knows what it's like here and they just hang outside during the day, having a fire at night. What Tom didn't tell me (and it's unclear if he really knew enough TO tell me) is that BIL was bringng FRIENDS! Female ones with a child at that...they were going to HAVE to come into the house and use the bathroom at the very least! It totally threw me for a loop and sent me into a tailspin. My house was messy, some kids were redoing their rooms and we had furniture and bags of stuff all over. I had planned on doing laundry in the evening and hadn't sorted it couldn't walk down the hall! With the kids leaving so early that morning, we never did the Saturday morning cleaning. I didn't even have enough toilet paper for both bathrooms!!!

Then I was riddled with guilt over putting a damper on Tom having company. Add in I felt antisocial as I ran around here trying to get things done while they all hung outside, wondering where I was. It wasn't pretty for a while. I finally got things and myself pulled together enough to relax. I made a pasta salad to go with the food they'd brought to grill, bundled up Danielle (sun was setting and it was cooling down fast) and webwent out to the fire and relaxed for a while. Afterwards I thought....we should do this more often! LOL I really do love entertaining and having company. It's just that I wasn't in the mindframe to be in that situation and it took me awhile to adjust.

Having this nice weekend has made me wish for summer vacation! The school sent home a paper listing important dates until the end of the exciting! Although we still have 7.5wks left to go. lol I really wish we could start filling up the pool. I need to work on the filter a bit (just yearly maintenance) before we can hook it up and start putting the water in. Maybe that'll be on my todo list for tomorrow.

Oh...some have asked when Tom will find out how he did on his test. It'll be 6-8wks. He thinks he scored in the mid to high 90s. :o)

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