Saturday, April 22, 2006

Thank you

I've had many people inquire on how Michelle is doing. I appreciate everyone's concern for her. :o) The antibiotics seem to be working and she's feeling MUCH better. I'm just hoping it continues. For some reason her course of antibiotics is only for 8 days, so should end on Tues. I'm worried that it won't be entirely gone and will resurface after the antibiotics are finished. I keep thinking I shouldn't be writing this this morning. That she'll get out of bed and it'll be bad again, just to make a liar out of me. lol

Yesterday was the final appt for the 2nd leg of the TODAY study Carrie's in. We handed in her food log (we kept it for 4wks instead of 2 because of canceling her last appt), got some more supplies and Carrie got bloodwork done. I came home with a boatload of consent forms to go over for the 3rd and final leg. After Carrie's bloodwork comes back and says she's still ok to continue in the study we'll find out whether we're doing a medicine only leg (2 options) or the med and PAL leg. A PAL is a coach to help modify activity and eating habits. We met the PAL we'd get IF we're drawn (it's random) into that leg. She seemed really nice. We'd have to meet with her once a week for about 6mos. The good part is....she comes to US! :oD I was laughing at myself when considering that fact because of what ran through my mind when I heard that. Hmmmm...the house will look nice more often if that happens. ;o) Nothing like motivation to get the work done. lol We found out there are some pretty nice incentives for Carrie to participate and be successful in her tasks. I was wishing I could get in on that deal myself! ;o)

Today is rainy and grey out. Luckily I didn't plan any outside activities today. I'd like to stay home and get the laundry room in order. Instead, I'm taking most of the kids shopping. Joy of joys! The kids have money and it's burning a hole in their pockets. Especially Eileen and Olivia. Eileen's spent her's a million ways already...sandals, no clothes, no pool lounge, no...

I have 3 kids who need cleats and shin guards, that's always a fun way to spend money. cha-ching! I've been looking online for deals but it's so hard to buy like that when you have NO idea what sizes to get. Maybe we'll just size shop today and I'll order online later.

It's quiet here this morning. Carrie, Eileen and Olivia spent the night over at church. The young girls had a sleepover, Carrie went to help Olivia. It's weird how I see Olivia as one of the most outgoing younger girls. When it comes down to it...she's really very shy. Until Carrie decided to go she wasn't going to go unless her and Eileen could share a bed. Eileen of course wanted to be in with her friends and didn't want to commit to Olivia. My guess is once they were there Olivia ditched Carrie. lol At least Carrie has her friends there to hang out with if she did.

Only 4 more days to go!!! Tom's huge test for work is Wednesday (Drew's birthday) and I'm counting the days until it's done and over with. It seems everything is on hold until this test is over. Even Tom admits he's ignoring everything to get ready for this test. His brother was talking to him on the phone last night about something they need to do. Tom told him after Wed he can do it. I yelled into the phone...Ya gotta get in line like everyone else! To the back of the line buddy! ;o) (Just so no one thinks I was being rude...I wasn't eavesdropping...I was part of the conversation but not on the phone)

Last I heard Tom's mom was getting transferred to the nursing home yesterday afternoon. I didn't talk to Tom last night (he was studying and I went to bed before he came in) so not sure if it really happened or not. Unfortunately the place that has an opening is one of the furthest from us she could be in without leaving the metropolitan area. (it's in a FAR east suburb...we live a good deal west of the city) It's over a full hour drive for any of us to go visit her. :o( They fought tooth and nail to try and get her into a place closer to everyone but it didn't work out. Praying that she'll only be in there a SHORT time. I think she's afraid she'll never leave. But she's a fighter...otherwise she wouldn't still be here after all she's been through the last 25yrs. I think I might have decided to quit dialysis already if I were her. But then again the will to survive is pretty strong in most maybe I wouldn't have. Let's hope I never have to find out.

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owlhaven said...

Check ebay for cleats-- I've had good luck. One lady even turned out to live nearby and delivered them to hubby's work!

Mary, mom to 8