Saturday, April 15, 2006

The end of spring break

This last week was spring break and what a difference it was from Mid-Winter break with Island Week. This vacation I didn't plan a stinkin thing! Even with a sick baby it was very relaxing!!! My only was too short!!! lol

I shouldn't say it was relaxing for everyone though. Tom's still studying for a test for work on the 26th. His mom was readmitted for chest pains on Wednesday during dialysis, so he's been running back and forth most nights. She seems to be doing well but she'll be admitted to a nursing home on Sunday for rehabilitation. Tom's dad is being readmitted on Monday for his next round of chemo. They've said he will likely be inpatient for 4 or 5 wks. Due to his immune system being compromised from the last chemo treatment he can't go up to the hospital to visit MIL. :o(

Michelle has another major skin her armpit again. She's been fighting it in that area on and off since February (what I thought were chicken pox after Island week). Now she has two HUGE red infected welts like she had on her back and knee in January. She was in the dr's for it a week ago Fri and again this last Tues. She's on double antibiotics and it's getting worse, not improving.

I called the dr today afterhours and he said he'd admit her to the hospital for IV antibiotics if she wanted. She doesn't want to be in the hospital for Easter so decided to tough it out. I agreed since she doesn't have a high fever (might have a slight low grade one). She's suppose to be hot packing it to try and draw the infection out. I'm still checking it everytime she allows me to. If I think she's deteriorating we'll be taking an Easter day trip to the hospital. Otherwise we'll be seen in his office on Monday morning. Unless it starts to improve, I'm expecting he'll admit her then. One problem is that I can't stay with her overnight because of Danielle. I know she's old enough to stay alone...she just would be more comfortable/less scared with someone there. If you can't baby them at times like that...when can you? ;o)

Tomorrow we're going to my aunt's for Easter dinner. She's taken over hosting it since my grandmother passed away. We've never gone there before. She told me dad she REALLY wants us to come out. She hasn't seen the kids in a long time and hasn't seen Danielle since she was 2wks old. I've always declined and gone to church. I feel funny bringing 13 people to a meal, especially one where there's limited seating/standing space. My dad says she's really excited that we're coming :o)

While doing dishes today I thought...I should probably start preparing my answers to all the questions tomorrow....

No, I am NOT trying to catch up to my grandmother (she had 13 kids)
I can't answer that, but I've learned to never say never (whether we're going to have anymore)
We've almost got it figured out...just a few more experiments should do it. (don't you know what causes that)
YES! And do you know our area has 34 stations that feature adult content!?! (don't you have a tv)
Thank you, yes she is beautiful. :oD

I consider myself fairly blessed in that I don't hear too many negative comments from family. We're a pretty sarcastic family though and the smart aleck ones are usually flying nonstop.

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