Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Wee morning ramblings....

If you do laundry during the day...there's no need to stay up until 3am so you can switch loads.

8mo babies are not dumb enough to believe that everything you put in your mouth is a cheerio. You WILL have to share.

Your arms are NOT long nor strong enough to safely hold an 8mo baby and a hot cup of coffee at the same time. (no one was harmed! just a frustrated mom with a caffeine headache...then a screaming baby who wanted to come UP and have coffee too)

When nearly fainting over the fact you just pumped $72 worth of gas into your tank. You might want to also remember the $20 your oldest kid put in there that same morning. Vow to never drive anywhere again. Then get a call that you have to drive all the way into the city so they can take 2 more vials of blood out of Carrie. They didn't get enough when you had her in there on Friday. Try to think of a way to get out of it (no chance) Then try to think of other errands you can cram into the trip and draw a blank. Maybe we'll have to socialize while we're in there.

Just a note...If you're driving your mother to her dialysis appointment...TELL SOMEONE YOU'RE LEAVING!!! I got a call from the nursing home MIL is staying at for rehabilitation. Her wheelchair was outside her door but they had NO clue where MIL was.

Nurse...Do you know where she is?
Me...my husband and BIL were suppose to pick her up and take her to dialysis. She was due there an hour and 15mins ago.
Nurse...I'll call dialysis and then call you back.

As I hang up the phone I make the backhanded comment....I'm NOT driving down there and bailing them out. Val hears it and starts roaring...Dad stole his MOM!!!! LOL She then assured me that she'd set me free if I was placed in a nursing home. I told her she'd probably be the first one to put me in there to begin with! ;o)

Nurse calls me an hour later, they did indeed find her at dialysis. I had already talked to Tom and knew MIL was where she was suppose to be. Everyone was nice and no arrests were made.

When you hear the dryer buzzer, do a little dance, run down the stairs, grumble about how many light colored clothes fit into a front loader while folding them, throw whites into the dryer, walk back up the stairs muttering...if ANYONE claims they don't have anything to wear....I'll murdalize 'em! (yes, I watched WAY too many cartoons as a kid! lol)

Hit the publish post button without proofreading, apologize for the gazillion grammar errors and then GO TO BED!

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