Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My poor Michelle post has turned into

a poor US post! lol

Michelle was set to get her 2yr degree in May. Then a a 5wk course worth ONE credit hour put a monkeywrench into the plan. It's a required course (computer literacy) that she's held off on taking because it's offered at either 9am MWF or 6-9pmTues. There's no physical way I can get her to school at 9. Eileen and Olivia catch the bus between 8:30-8:40 and it takes a minimum of 30mins to get to the college. So this semester she bit the bullet and registered for the Tues night course and resigned herself to having a 9:30am - 9pm day on Tues (2.5hr break before her last class).

A few days before the class started she was told the computer literacy course was dropped due to low enrollment. They told her she could enroll in the same class that's offered in the 2nd half of the semester...and she did. First day of class was April 1st. On March 31st I took a call from the school informing her that it was dropped AGAIN but she could take the MWF course that had started that day. Ummmm no she can't! Well then she can take it in the summer or next semester. There is no next semester...she's suppose to graduate in May. Besides if she doesn't take it now she'll have to pay for it out of pocket. (it's covered under her tuition now) I texted her and she immediately made an appt with her advisor for the next day.

On the way to school on Tues I was giving her a pep talk. You have to raise a stink! It's not your fault that this is happening and you shouldn't be penalized because it's not fiscally beneficial to someone (college and/or professor) to hold the course. Afterall, if it wasn't a required course she could've taken another course at any time in the last 3 semesters. She could've even taken one 3 credit hour course this semester instead of 3 separate 1hr courses (lessening her course load).

At her appt they wracked their brains for almost an hour before they could find something that works. That's where the poor US comes in. The only solution was for her to take a Tues/Thurs course at 8AM!!! That means I have to get Eileen and Olivia ready for school over an hour earlier so they can ride to the college with Sean, Danielle and I. We should be back home before the bus gets to the house. If they miss it, it won't be by much and I should be dropping them off at school right behind the bus's arrival.

As much as I'm going to hate dragging the little ones out of bed at such an early hour. I can't fault Michelle, it wasn't her doing. She's a Dean's list student. To let 1 credit hour mess her up would be insane! It'll mean I'll have to be a bit more organized and get things ready the night before (which I should be doing anyways). dr5w. I'm trying to keep it in perspective. It's only 10 classes. She's already missed the first one (yesterday), then there's tomorrow. After that I'll get a bit of break (or the little ones will) as she has the week off for spring break. Then the following week the younger kids have a week off for their break. That means I can run out the door to do the running without any kids, leaving them all snuggly warm in their beds.

Can I just say...I can't wait for GRADUATION! (Although I think I'm deceiving myself thinking things will get easier once that's done. It's always something.)

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