Friday, February 06, 2009

Carrie is one tough cookie!

It was really rough for her. They ended up taking 4 samples. She said the first one didn't hurt, but she was scared. The rest hurt! She's pretty sore. I was wishing I could trade places with her and hope I didn't bruise her arm from holding onto her too tight.

We won't get any results until probably Tuesday afternoon. I asked if they could see anything initially and he said on a quick look it looked good. BUT he's not a pathologist and they'd look a lot more thoroughly. So he can't say it really is good. I was just glad it wasn't grossly obvious that it was malignant.

I found out on the way home that she really had no clue why they were taking samples and what they were looking for. She had a lot of questions though so now she knows. I'm sure it'll be a long weekend for her. I wish I could've spared her a few more days of knowledge.

You should've seen her eyes when the dr mentioned watching the nodule and redoing the biopsy a while down the road if it was benign. She was NOT pleased with that. I'm sure she has no clue what would lie ahead for her if it's malignant. But that's jumping the gun and even I don't want to go down that road right now.

After her appointment we stopped by my parents' house so she could rest a bit. Then it was onto lunch for the 2 of us. I tried to get my parents to come too but my mom was exhausted and my dad's back is really bothering him. Carrie picked old reliable...Chinese buffet. It was weird to not have to think about and take care of Sean while sitting there. We didn't stay very long but left satisfied with some nice one on one time under our belt.

On a good note, she's going to have a blast this weekend! It's a youth girls weekend at church, the perfect distraction. They're planning lots of fun, games and fellowship for everyone. I'm sure she'll come home exhaustedly happy.


chris said...

I feel for Carrie, I had the fine needle biopsy a few years ago for my thyroid nodule and it was NOT pleasant. Most turn out to be benign, mine did, but it doesn't stop the worrying.

I'll keep her in my thoughts

Lisa said...

I'm adding Carrie to my prayers. And you too. I'm glad she got through it and you got some one on one time.