Saturday, February 07, 2009

I need some dynamite

I think I'm partially into my shut down mode. That place I go to when things get a bit hectic. I can and do take care of the kids fine, but everything else....falls by the wayside. All the things I thought I'd get done this weekend are not even in my stratosphere right now. Well that's not entirely true I did go into the basement and send some stuff to the dump with Tom this morning. And I'm paying for it too. 10mins in the yucky basement digging through things and my face feels like it's caught in a vice. I've drank so much coffee that I've now resorted to just hot water. I probably should go take some claritin.

The kids have been busy. Liz and Carrie are at church for the youth girls' weekend. Hopefully having a ton of fun (I'm sure they are). Luke is over there working on the caretakers residence. Jake was there but went home with one of his friends. Last I heard they were heading to a movie. Although they haven't asked yet, I'm pretty sure he's not coming home tonight. Michelle had to be to work at 4 and Tom took her. He's then heading to some stores. Sean's taking a much needed nap (both for him and me lol) and the little girls (Eileen, Olivia and Danielle) are keeping busy on the computer and playing. Oh yeah and Val's being the social butterfly she is and is somewhere. Drew drove by earlier, honking at the girls playing outside, saying he had to go to work (gotta make the donuts! lol) Pat, I haven't heard from in a few days. I really need to call him and see how his new job is. I also have to tell him about Carrie before he gets mad that....NO ONE TELLS ME ANYTHING!

There's lots of talk about next Saturday. No, they're not excited about Valentine's Day. They're excited about the start of their midwinter break from school which means it's....ISLAND WEEK! They'd all like to go back up to Niagara Falls again but I'm pretty sure that's not in our future. After all that was a special gift to us from UB. I have shot around the idea of going to a hotel with a pool for a night or two. That's how the original Island Week started. Tom wanted to take the kids somewhere nice where they could swim during their snowy Feb break. We couldn't afford it so made the tropics come to us. Actually what I'd like to do is runaway to a nice hotel with Tom for a few nights...but that's not in the cards right now either. So this weekend and the coming week should be busy getting ready for vacation. We have to clean, decorate, plan, shop, cook. I have NO idea exactly what we're doing yet, but I'm sure those details will be worked out soon enough.

I've made it into print. The NY Times did an article on large families. I was interviewed on Tuesday. As usual everything isn't exactly right but close enough that I'm fine with the article. (well except for referring to the small family as precious, implying our families aren't).

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