Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday morning yet again

And the amazing thing....I don't have a vent nor am I having a pity party! Woohooo! The meeting is late today as the band weekend is finishing up this morning. Michelle has today off taking the pressure/worry of rides and timing off. So it's all good.

I ran to the store last night so the house is stocked with yummy things. Amazing how that can affect your emotions. I intended to stop at Aldi's and use some gift certificates I had bought off my cousin. Unfortunately I forgot that the Aldi's I was going to closed at 7pm and it's what time I was planning on shopping at. I'll have to go on Monday after taking Michelle to work (or before picking her up). Unfortunately I also forgot to stop at the tractor supply store for chicken feed which we're out of. So Tom loaded them up with catfood for now. I guess we'll have to run to a closer town and get some feed for them today.

Danielle spent most of Friday morning in my lap. Poor me. lol I couldn't get enough of hugging the snot out of her. It was hard to send the kids off to school. I just wanted to keep them home and catch up. But they went and we survived.

I find myself thinking about redoing things in the house. I'm not unhappy with my house, just rethinking how things could be more enjoyable. The way the livingroom is set up with the new to us sectional and our old couch has left a lot to be desired....but we really need all the seating in here that they give us. During the day it's almost impossible to walk in the house between the couch and computer desks. There's no room for the shoes. So the thought of knocking out walls to the little bedroom (which Danielle and Sean should be moving into) have been on my mind. To add about 10 ft onto the livingroom would be great!

Being at my cousin's house and working in her galley kitchen has left me rethinking my kitchen set up too. I like the easy of going from sink to stove to fridge with only steps was great. Unfortunately she didn't have any work space. (not that I have tons but I do have the kitchen table). So now I'm thinking of how to expand my dining area (so we can sit at the table easily), add a sink island, move over my fridge, and add counters and cabinets.

Oh if only I knew then what I know now!!! Sometimes I think it would be easier to just sell this place and rebuild. Then I remember how hard it was to build this place, especially on Tom and he was 20 yrs younger! And I know that it's a stupid idea. I just need to go back to being content with the space I have. That we're not in jeopardy of losing it like a lot of people out there are. That in about 10 years, it will be ALL ours! woohoo!

Ok...I've rambled long enough. If we're going to have a Super Bowl "party", I need to get moving around here. I still have groceries on the kitchen floor to put away.

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