Friday, February 06, 2009

EARLY morning musings

I can't sleep. Maybe it's because I fell asleep with Sean when putting him to bed. Maybe it's because of what I know lies ahead for Carrie today. Maybe it's both. Still I'm relishing the peace and quiet, the uninterrupted trip to the bathroom. The chance to sit here with hot coffee in my hand without worrying about it getting knocked around. I've been trying to convince myself that I should run a load of laundry into the basement and throw it in the washer. Guess I'm not trying too hard because I'm still sitting here and the laundry is still in the hamper.

I'm a bit miffed. When I got on my laptop last night the cord wasn't powering it. I played around with it and got the charge light to light up for a second and then it was gone. I've only had the stupid thing since January 16th. Guess I got what I paid! Cheap! CHEAP! It'll probably cost me almost as much to ship it back as it cost me to purchase the stupid thing! So now I'm on the kids' (my old) desktop again, lost without all my bookmarks and saved passwords. I don't want to expend the energy to remember everything and to set this computer up with my programs! WAH! I know, I'm lame but oh well.

Hmmmm...Tom's alarm just went off for the first of many times. Guess just a little reminder then normal craziness will soon be creeping back into my reality. The kids have one more week of school before Midwinter break and I am SO ready for it to be over all ready. I feel guilty because I was just gone for over a week but to tell you the truth...that was no vacation! Yes, it was an easier time in one sense, harder in a couple more. My dad and I both said we were exhausted for days after getting home, surprising us both. Guess we're getting old. I know I almost fell out of my chair when I realized he was going to be 70 this year. There is NO way my dad is almost 70yo! Although with his back bothering him really bad these last few days I'm sure he feels 170yo. He's not an old man, I still think of him in the 50s. Then again my husband is in his 50s! LOL Can't have it both ways.

Ah, another trip of Tom's alarm and another smack on the snooze button. I'm holding my breath that it doesn't wake Sean. I love the kid to death but I'm just not that ready for him to be up yet. This oneness with myself is just too nice. Then again it can be dangerous too because it allows my mind time to think. What I really need is to just shut it down for a little bit and pray. It's time like this that I wish I had an MP3 player with church messages and songs on it. To be able to sit and listen uninterrupted and without concern...

Well, Tom's alarm is going off AGAIN! So far so good that Sean is still sleeping. I'm going to go put on a fresh pot of coffee for Tom and enjoy the last little bit of aloneness I have.

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