Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wednedays' pictures

The other post was getting long and these pictures were from a different day. So I decided to throw a quicky post up for Wednesday's pictures.

I had Olivia and Jake home but didn't get a chance to take their picture because I'd promised Michelle and Val a trip to the mall. UGH! UB hung out with Jake and Olivia most of the time. I forgot to take the camera to the mall with me which is a bummer since I think I'd have gotten some cool shots. Seems there was an investigation going on that involved lots of guys in of the kiosks was broken into. I'd love to just sit and capture people at the mall all day...especially the elderly mall walkers. Some looked so cute, walking or shuffling along with their partner. Others looked so lonely walking all alone. I just wanted to go up and give them a great big SQUEEEEEZE!

Anyways...back to sharing a few pictures of the day...

Liz being a good girl, doing her homework

Ummm is your homework done Luke?

Eileen on the computer with lots of help from Danielle

And don't tell but Carrie and Eileen were caught dancing after they tried on the new clothes I bought.

MOM! What are you doing!?!?! You can't show me doing that!

Yeah mom, what are you doing?

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Peta said...

LOL, my kids a mortified when I say when I take a photo of them where they are doing something silly. They just knw It will end up on my blog.
P.S I have left you an award on my blog so come on over and get it.